15 Things that Make me Happy

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In no particular order ~

Jellyfish - especially if they are fluorescent.

  1. Drawing, and not feeling as though it’s a waste of my time
  2. Writing
  3. Spending time learning about my religion and feeling closer to Allah
  4. Space whales
  5. Rainy days
  6. Oversized sweaters
  7. Large mugs
  8. Happy patterns
  9. The smell/feel/wind of the windows being open during great weather
  10. Not being stressed
  11. Being productive
  12. Feeling at peace
  13. cats/kittens/felines
  14. Stationary
  15. Photography/traveling

I think a lot of our things overlap, so I hope that’s okay! Love you <3

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To be able to thank Allah is a blessing within itself.

Imam Shafi'i

Allah Azza Wa Jal has bestowed countless of blessings upon us. So to be in the position in which you are thanking Allah for His favors and protection upon you, is truly a blessing itself. Allah has blessed each of His creations in different yet favorable ways. Always give thanks. All praise is to Allah.