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Name - Mohd Adam

Nickname - Adam @ Akamu (‘Adam’ in Hawaiian language)

Sign Star - Sagittarius

Birthday - December 2nd

Gender - Male

Height - About 1.82 metres.

Sexual Orientation - Mostly heterosexual

I would like to know these people (I m tagging yea) moreweights, muslimagnet, aboutbeingfit, givemetaqwa-givemesabr, gaymalecrossfitblr

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Behind 5 Strange Commands

Once upon a time, there was a Prophet who accepts vision from Allah SWT through a dream. In his dream, the Prophet was getting a command. “Tomorrow, you are ordered to get out of the house in the morning, you then walk westward. You are commanded to do five things. First, what you see, eat. Second, you hide it. Third, you receive. Fourth, don’t you break the expectations. And last, you flee from it.”

Alhamdulillah I don’t have any male friends except for my beloved one and only husband in the world mi hubby Nomskie ~that’s his nickname :), my dad and my brothers :)

I don’t consider any of my male students nor male co-workers at school as my friends because ‘friend’ is a very strong term :)

as for brothers in Islam online who share their Islamic knowledge, I never get personal with them nor with any non-Mahram male in real life :)

unnecessary mingling amongst non-Mahrams isn’t allowed in Islam. Allah knows best.