Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year old Black man from Mali, without hesitation scaled four stories of a Paris building to save a toddler facing certain death. Mamoudou is an undocumented immigrant. He knew getting caught would mean deportation

But instead, France has a new hero. President Macron thanked him, granted him French citizenship plus a job at the French fire brigade.

Shout out to Mamoudou Gassama!

To all the LGBTAQ+ Muslims, you are not dirty. You are not a walking contradiction. You are beautiful and incredible. I want all my Muslim brothers, sisters and friends to know this that Allah has created you the way you are, and you are a child of his. 

He loves you for who you are and what you do. You are a perfectly valid human and deserve every bit of happiness this world has to offer. This year we celebrate Eid-ul-fiter in the month of Pride to acknowledge our existence and embrace our identity. 

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Islamophobic people, terfs, Nazis, Trump supporters and any lgbtaq+ phobic people DO NOT INTERACT. 

hi! I’m samira and I identify as hijra (an east indian/south asian trans/nonbinary identity) and to my knowledge there is no existing flag so I have made one.

pink and blue are for those of us who identify with binary genders as trans people, while the white is for those of us who are nonbinary

the red represents the divinity we were blessed with by Rama

non-hijra please share!!

American Jews, Muslims, etc: this country being Christian-centric is oppressive and harms people of other religions. We are constantly told not to participate in our own culture in public and Christian holidays are forced on us and we are told they’re secular.

White neo-pagans: this is about me, clearly, because one lady once looked at my pentagram necklace and I could tell she was judging me and I am therefore also oppressed

🕌🌙 Have a Blessed Ramadhan 🌙🕌


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|| A Month of Prayer, Reflection, and Community ||


From April 24 to May 23, muslims everywhere will fast each day along with the sighting of the crescent moon.

Ramadhan is a month to exercise not just patience and self-control, but also charitable deeds within a complete lunar cycle. As the crescent rose, becomes a full moon, and wanes once again, adherents of the faith will learn gratefulness for what they have and compassion for those with less.

This is a month of charity and care towards others, and self-love towards yourself as you reflect on what to improve.

For non-muslims, here are a few ways to show your allyship during this month:

🌙 Refrain from discussing or posting pictures of food and drinks, and tag them accordingly if you do

🌙 Keep NSFW content properly tagged

🌙 Check on your muslim friend to see how they’re doing, especially nowadays when groceries are scarce. Make sure they have the means to open and break their fast.

🌙 Practice the month’s message of patience and compassion, for you and the people around you

🌙 Have love and respect towards our beliefs

Salaam 🙏💚


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All Of The Firsts From The Midterms

Did you catch all of the amazing firsts last night? If not, we have you covered. ⬇️

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.


There will finally be Native American women in Congress…


…as well as Muslim women!


Jared Polis became the first openly gay governor…


…and Ayanna Pressley became Massachusetts’ first black Congresswoman.


Plus, Texas is sending it’s first to Latinas to Congress. 

For all things midterms, head this way ➡️, and a huge thanks to @kylehiltonillustration for these amazing drawings 🎨