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For Riham: Do you see a future for Muslims (practising) in America considering the way things are now going, and that people are literally calling for a registery?

America is home for over 3 million Muslims living in America, so although the road ahead is tough, we’re not going anywhere. Despite the calls for a Muslim ban and registry, we do have allies in media, Hollywood and civil society who will be critical in our efforts against xenophobia. Our allies in law enforcement will be our line of defense against threats to our community. 

The silver-lining I witnessed for myself after Trump’s election in November is that the Muslim community has more allies than we think. I was overwhelmed by the support we received after the election from people of other faiths letting us know that they stand with us. Actor and activist George Takei created a petition asking for all Americans to sign on stating that they will stand up for Muslims in the U.S. The petition has already reached over 160,000 signatures. George Takei will actually be delivering this petition to my organization next month in solidarity with the Muslim community.

Seeing others stand up in defense of the American Muslim community leads me to absolutely have no doubt that we have a future proudly practicing our faith in this country. We are in this together. We understand that those who do not accept the changing demographics of our country feel fearful. Knowing one another - across racial, religious and political lines - is our sacred duty. It is time for dialogue and engagement. True security will be achieved when we are each other’s protector from any and all kinds of injustice and violence. Selective justice is a form of injustice.

When someone has cancer or diabetes, we don’t say to them, “Just trust Allah”. So why do we say that to those with mental illnesses? Trusting Allah and having faith in His plans is imperative to the life of all Muslims - sick or not. However, Allah ﷻ specifically told us to trust Him and ‘tie your camel’. With mental illnesses, this means treatment is important.

Those with mental illnesses do not need to 'just trust Allah’, they need treatment. Let’s, as the Muslim community, make that more accessible.


Robert Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for plotting to burn down a NY mosque

  • Robert Doggart, 65, was arrested for plotting to attack and burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria in a predominant Muslim community in upstate New York in April 2015.
  • On Tuesday, less than one year since his arrest, the New York Daily News reported that Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for his plot. 
  • Doggart faces “one count of solicitation to commit arson, one count of solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and two counts of threat in interstate commerce.”
  • Why won’t he face terrorism charges? The United States does not have a federal statute on domestic terrorism. 
  • According to Rafia Zakaria, a human rights attorney, federal statutes on terrorism are — ironically — designed in language to deliberately criminalize foreign suspects.
  • The U.S. federal law statute on terrorism almost entirely targets individuals with foreign ties or alliances. Read more (2/14/17 3:27 PM)

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Trump´s gobermerment doesn´t represent USA. Hard times are coming, but remember:

If you are part of the lgtb+ community, you are valid and nice. Nico, Will, Apollo and Alex are with you.

If you are part of the Muslim community, you are valid and nice. Samirah is with you.

If you are part of the Latin community, you are valid and nice. Leo and Reyna are with you.

If you are part of the Afroamerican community, you are valid and nice. Hazel, Blitzen, Walt, Carter and Sadie are with you.

If you are part of the Native American community, you are valid and nice. Piper is with you.

You all, boys and girls, are beautiful and valid!!! Percy, Annabeth, Magnus, Thalia, Frank, Hearthstone, Zia and all of our heroes are with you.

Stay safe and strong, my amazing demigods!!!

Never forget that
no matter the propaganda and lies,
your Lord is always alive, the Ever-living.
And when you turn to the Qur’an to recite,
these are words that will never die
from a Friend that is always by your side,
for if you walk towards Him,
He will run to you in strides
until water falls from
your eyes.
—  BelikeatravelerNote to Self..

This organization is raising money so Muslim American filmmakers can tell their own stories

  • A community of Muslims and allies in San Francisco are raising funds to provide Muslim American filmmakers with grants to counter false narratives about their religious community.
  • The American Muslim Storytellers grant is in partnership with the Islamic Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit organization providing scholarships to Muslim American community members.
  • The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Saturday on Indiegogo, with a campaign goal of $10,000. 
  • The funds will provide Muslim American filmmakers grants between $1,000 and $4,000.
  • “We wanted to give people a way to directly support the American Muslim community,” Michael Morgenstern, founder of the grant, said in an email. “Anyone who believes that Muslims deserve a powerful voice today can give directly to people who want to tell their own stories.” Read more

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Listen y'all, I love witches… but if, as a witch, you don’t stand up for:

* Black Lives
* Indigenous Lives (& Lands)
* The Disabled
* The LGBTQ+ community
* Muslims
* And all people who are marginalized here (in the US) and abroad
(All of whom have shaped this community in one way or another)

Then I don’t think you understand what it means to be a witch. Argue all you want, rationalize hate or apathy, I don’t care. I just hope one day you will see that there is power in empathy and decency.