Robert Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for plotting to burn down a NY mosque

  • Robert Doggart, 65, was arrested for plotting to attack and burn down a mosque, school and cafeteria in a predominant Muslim community in upstate New York in April 2015.
  • On Tuesday, less than one year since his arrest, the New York Daily News reported that Doggart won’t face terrorism charges for his plot. 
  • Doggart faces “one count of solicitation to commit arson, one count of solicitation to commit a civil rights violation and two counts of threat in interstate commerce.”
  • Why won’t he face terrorism charges? The United States does not have a federal statute on domestic terrorism. 
  • According to Rafia Zakaria, a human rights attorney, federal statutes on terrorism are — ironically — designed in language to deliberately criminalize foreign suspects.
  • The U.S. federal law statute on terrorism almost entirely targets individuals with foreign ties or alliances. Read more (2/14/17 3:27 PM)

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Commonly Used..
subhan'Allah - Glory be to God.

Astaghfirullah - Forgive me Allah.
Alhumdulillah - Praise be to God.

Masha'Allah - As God had willed.
Insha'Allah (i.A) - God Willing/ as God has willed.

Allahu-Akbar - God is the greatest.
La Illaha ill allah - There is no God but Allah.

Fi amaanillah - In Allah’s protection.
Allahu Alam - Allah knows best.

Aza wa jal - Mighty and majestic he is.
Barakallah Feek -  May Allah’s blessing be upon you (in general/ group)

Radiyallahu Anhu - used when the companion of the Prophet Muhammed is mentioned or used in writing. IT means - ‘May Allah be pleased with him’
[usually abbreviated as RA or RAA]
RadiAllahu anhaa- May Allah be pleased with her’ used after a female companion
[usually abbreviated as RA or RAA]

Some Quranic phrases that are recited often.
Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon - To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return

Bismillah ar rahman ar raheem - In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate.

Audhu Billahi min ash shaytaan ar rajeem - I seek protection in Allah from satan.

Allah - God
Salam - peace
Hayaa - modesty
Taqwa - Fear Of Allah
Imaan - Faith
Dunya - world
Jannah - Paradise
Kaaba - Sacred mosque 🕋
Hadith - A collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Quran.

Ill keep updating it if you wish! Thanks again for asking!

Fox News suggests Muslims should stop bombing and burning people if they want better TV portrayals

  • On Sunday, a few days after Trump dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, a panel of Fox News hosts told the Muslim community not to “set off bombs” if they want better media representation.
  • The comments came after Homeland actor Mandy Patinkin’s interview with MSNBC on Friday. Patinkin said the show was dedicated to de-escalating the fear of Muslims and refugees.
  • “In movies, it was the cowboys and Indians, the nazis and communists,” Patinkin said. “Now, they’ve chosen the Muslim community — a community who has made contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”
  • Of course, the hosts over at Fox & Friends Weekend had a problem with Patinkin’s remarks.
  • “Do we remember who the bombers of the Boston Marathon were?” cohost Jon Scott said. “I mean, just an aside to the Muslim community, if you don’t want to be portrayed in a negative light, maybe don’t burn people alive and set off bombs and things like that." 
  • Several Twitter users pointed out the hypocrisy and flawed logic in their response. Read more (4/17/17 12:35 PM)

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When someone has cancer or diabetes, we don’t say to them, “Just trust Allah”. So why do we say that to those with mental illnesses? Trusting Allah and having faith in His plans is imperative to the life of all Muslims - sick or not. However, Allah ﷻ specifically told us to trust Him and ‘tie your camel’. With mental illnesses, this means treatment is important.

Those with mental illnesses do not need to 'just trust Allah’, they need treatment. Let’s, as the Muslim community, make that more accessible.


This organization is raising money so Muslim American filmmakers can tell their own stories

  • A community of Muslims and allies in San Francisco are raising funds to provide Muslim American filmmakers with grants to counter false narratives about their religious community.
  • The American Muslim Storytellers grant is in partnership with the Islamic Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit organization providing scholarships to Muslim American community members.
  • The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Saturday on Indiegogo, with a campaign goal of $10,000. 
  • The funds will provide Muslim American filmmakers grants between $1,000 and $4,000.
  • “We wanted to give people a way to directly support the American Muslim community,” Michael Morgenstern, founder of the grant, said in an email. “Anyone who believes that Muslims deserve a powerful voice today can give directly to people who want to tell their own stories.” Read more

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mrkltpzyxm  asked:

How do you stay engaged with liberal social media when so much of it is demanding such a very specific and unquestioning ideological purity lately? How do you not lose your mind?

I try my best not to take it personally, and remember that who I am to myself, and what I may represent to another person aren’t necessarily the same thing.

I’m a 45 year-old CIS white guy who lives life on the lowest difficulty setting with a minor celebrity cheat enabled. I understand and accept that, to a not insignificant portion of the people who tend to yell at me a lot, I’m representing their dad or their uncle or their teacher or their boss or that Out Of Touch Person In Their Life Who Treats Them Like They Don’t Matter. I’m pretty easy to yell at, because the people they should be yelling at aren’t ever going to listen to them, and I’m usually in like 98% agreement with them at least, so maybe it’s safer to yell at me. I’m sort of a soft target. I get that. I don’t take it personally.

Where I get exhausted and impatient is with people who tell me “no, THIS is what you meant,” and “you don’t get to have an opinion about this because I made it about me  and now I demand that you apologize to me for the thing I decided you did,” and things like that. 

Over the course of my life, I have learned that it’s more effective to say something like, “Hey, I am X, and when you posted Y, it made me feel Z. Is that what you meant?” 

Like this thing today, for example. I’m not a homophobic, or transphobic, at all. I get that, without context, the Putin thing I posted could be misinterpreted. I didn’t think of that, and in the future, I will. But when I saw my asks today, it’s page after page of people attacking me, making assumptions about me, and demanding apologies for something that I didn’t do. I didn’t post a picture with the intention of hurting anyone except Putin and those who support him – fuck him and fuck them. There’s an ask in my inbox right now that says my intention doesn’t matter, because that’s not what the mob decided it was, and therefore I owe the mob an apology for the conclusion they jumped do. I … I just think that’s bullshit. I’m not going to apologize for something I didn’t do, because a mob demands it. What I will do is think, in the future, I wonder if this could be misinterpreted? Maybe I should take care to ensure that my intention is clear.

This is a very difficult and terrifying time for vulnerable people, for women, for the entire LGBTQ community, for the Muslim and Jewish communities, and for basically anyone who doesn’t look like me. I get that, and I understand that passions are really high right now. I’m glad that they are, because it means we’ll all stay focused and engaged long enough to hopefully take back the House in 2018 and regain the White House in 2020. It’s going to be really hard to remember that we’re on the same side when it matters, and for people like me, it’s really important to recall a lot of what MLK wrote in his letter from a Birmingham jail.

I’m gonna get yelled at for this, I’m sure, but I’m doing my best. I hope this answers your question.

I know a new Muslim who had lost his friend because he had accepted Islam..and he is a new Muslim and it does get lonely in Ramadan and other times as well. Please keep him in your duaas insha'Allah. It would mean a lot. (Plus know that reverts in India are hated and degraded very easily. People or family isn’t very supportive and it is hard here so please please pray for him)


Mosques across the US have received death threats, including some from “Muslim slayer”

  • Four mosques in the Atlanta area were targeted with bomb and death threats, according to the Council of American Islamic Relations, the New York Daily News reported.
  • Greenview Madani Center, a Muslim community center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, received a handwritten letter from the “Muslim slayer” stating that “death is waiting for you and your kind.” A childlike drawing of a person being decapitated accompanied the letter.
  • Three other mosques in the Atlanta area received near identical emails that read: “MUZLIMS MEXICANS BLACKS WE WILL HUNTED NATION WIDE UNTIL ARE ARE DEAD OR GONE…”
  • In Lexington, Kentucky, another mosque, Masjid Bilal, received a handwritten letter that read, “An explosive device will be placed at your mosque very soon!” Read more (3/7/17 11:30 AM)