As Muslims, Middle Eastern, South Asian and communities of color, we are no strangers to policing and profiling of Black and brown bodies. As queer and trans* people, we are no strangers to institutional violence – among families of origin, places of worship, at the hands of the state. As queer and trans* Muslims and immigrants, we are no strangers to intergenerational trauma, forced migration and systems that cannot fail us simply because our protection was never part of their design. We are no strangers to our bodies being policed and violated at borders and in the U.S. Our survival and safety have never been priority in this country.

This is why we demand that the President use his executive power to end racial and religious profiling. The President has authority to hold the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and local law enforcement agencies that receive federal grants accountable. We can no longer wait.

Our lives are not disposable. We will survive this. We will transform this time, together.

Sign the petition to President Obama demanding an end to racial and religious profiling. The petition also demands an end to detention and deportations. The Hyphen series will also cover issues of detention and deportation for AAPI LGBTQ communities.

i’m lucky enough to be part of a movement within Judaism where LGBTQ is more or else accepted - the United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism posted a recipe for rainbow challah B”H - but other faith communities are reacting really negatively. My friend is currently being blasted by members of the local Muslim community for rainbow-fying her profile picture on Facebook. My teachers and Christian friends have posted over and over about this legalized sin. I have been lucky to not have faced much backlash on my own FB yet, but I live in Texas. I don’t doubt it’s coming.

So for my other LGBTQ kids of faith, here are some links to help you get through this trying time:

Keshet - LGBTQ Jewish org, all denominations

Neherim - run LGBTQ Jewish retreats, all denominations

JQY  - resources for Orthodox LGBT youth and their families

Muslims for Progressive Values - a progressive Islam site, has a nice list of resources for LGBTQ+ folk

muslim alliance for sexual and gender diversity - a national retreat for lgbtq muslims - resources for LGBTQ Christians - LGBTQ Christians 

if you know of any other good resources for these faiths and others, feel free to add them on!