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Why I love being a gen z kid

  1. Most of us are very accepting like we can talk to each other about anything from feeling suicidal to talking about aliens
  2. Most of us are not racist
  3. Most of us are not homophobic
  4. Most of us are not Islam-phobic
  5. Most of us believe that everone deserves equal rights
  6. We are starting to fight back against the government
  7. We won’t stand for anyone getting discrimnated against
  8. We all have that since of humor that only we can understand for example I post a picture of a trash can I can guarantee there will be people saying ‘oh you never told me you had a picture of me’ or 'me’,'big mood’
  9. When we are older we will probably some of the most accepting people ever
  10. We spill our hearts out to people on the internet