Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas And Simone Biles Serve Up #BlackGirlMagic In Nike Ad.

In a new and powerful ad for Nike’s “Unlimited Pursuit” Campaign, Simone Biles, Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas are just a few amazing athletes giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how they slay in real competition every day.

In the press release, Nike also noted that these athletes are those “who push their own limits to embark on an unlimited journey to empower the next generation of athletes.”



Personally my favorite Les Mis AU is the one where Jean Valjean picks up the barricade and walks away


France’s burkini ban is an ugly reminder of tension between Muslim women and the police

Several photos of armed French policemen forcing a Muslim woman to disrobe on a beach in Nice, France, have gone viral. The photo is horrifying. A Muslim woman was wearing a hijab, a tunic and long leggings on the Promenade des Anglais — the site of the Bastille Day attacks. The modest attire is similar to a burkini, a full-body wetsuit that’s been banned in several European cities.

French officials and supporters of the ban argue that the intention is to empower Muslim women by bringing them to the age of modernity and encouraging them to integrate into French society — but there is an important reason why this is troubling.

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don’t share Leslie Jones’ nudes.

don’t share the picture of a French-Muslim woman being forced to remove her clothing.

don’t share pictures you have no permission to share, whether they are revealing or not.

not everything is meant for the public eye, I don’t care how public social media has made the world - a woman’s body is her own to share, willingly, not unwillingly.

the hackers and police took those rights away from them, don’t aid them, even if those aren’t your intentions.

don’t share pictures of women with no desire to have their bodies exposed in such a manner.