Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )


Trump will sign new travel and immigration order on Wednesday, official says

  • Trump is expected to sign a new executive order on immigration and refugees on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported Sunday night, citing an unnamed senior administration official. 
  • The new executive order will likely include updated, specific language to make it more defensible in court — but critics have suggested that no matter the tweaks, the end result will be an order that’s as close as Trump can legally get to the Muslim ban he promised as a candidate. Read more (2/27/17 11:19 AM)

Trump in speech: “We have to start winning wars again”

  • Trump on Monday called for a return to the days when the United States won wars, declaring before a room full of current governors from across the country that, “We have to start winning wars again.”
  • Trump’s war comments come as he prepares to release a budget that will call for a $54 billion increase in defense spending, according to Reuters.
  • To be sure, budgets are nonbinding documents that don’t actually appropriate funds. They serve as guidelines for Congress. Read more (2/27/17 11:37 AM)

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed


Google Doodle honors Muslim philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi

  • Google paid homage to Abdul Sattar Edhi, who had been dubbed the “Angel of Mercy” in Pakistan, on what would be the late Muslim philanthropist’s 89th birthday.
  • “Today’s Doodle honors Abdul Sattar Edhi, a global-reaching philanthropist and humanitarian who made it his life’s mission to helping those in need,” Google’s statement read.
  • Edhi was born in Bantva, Gurajat, India before Pakistan’s partition on Feb. 28, 1928. 
  • When Pakistan was formed in 1947, Edhi moved to Karachi where he dedicated his life mission to serve the poor and the most vulnerable. 
  • He was 20, and impoverished himself, when he begun his philanthropic work Then three years later, in 1951, Edhi established the Edhi Foundation with only $500. 
  • The foundation, now surviving only on private donations, provides free 24-hour health care and social services. Read more (2/28/17 10:42 AM)

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Trump praised Muhammad Ali in his Black History Month speech– but his border patrol agents had just detained Muhammad Ali, Jr. because he’s Muslim

Trump’s less than four-minute address was full of both racism and delusion. The president started his speech by praising known black leaders. Meanwhile, Ali, Jr. was detained even though he’s a U.S. citizen who was born in Philadelphia and was flying to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from Jamaica.

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