muslim unity

We were created with diverse cultures
to appreciate and discover,
but some take it as a sign
of superiority over one another.
Rasulullah (SAW) told us
that we are measured by our Taqwa,
not our color,
yet still we see
traces of Jahiliyyah
amongst our sisters
and brothers.
—  Belikeatraveler, Traces of Jahiliyyah
Help refugees

Refugees are literally everywhere. They go anywhere to stay safe. Where I live, most of our refugees are from Burma, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria. But there are many from other places as well.
The reason I’m making this post is because I cannot stress enough how important it is to help refugees. Refugees literally have nothing when they arrive. Most come due to agencies. But those agencies do the BARE MINIMUM to help these people.

I’ve had the blessing to meet many refugees. I’ve talked to them, they tell me they live in apartments that the agencies provided and that they’re nice but small and they’re grateful. They tell me they’re grateful to be starting school in a few week and they’re grateful that they have food on their tables.

But these people don’t tell u about the bad stuff. And that just comes to show you how little they have.

One women I know who helps the refugees told me of their living conditions. They live in small cramped apartments that are infested with roaches and other bugs. Some even have moles and other rodents. Most of these refugee parents have many children, whether they’re theirs or not. They take in children who’s parents have died or who’s parents weren’t able to get visas. Because of all the people most of the refugees sleep on the floor one next to another with little room to move around. They also don’t have vehicles, so they walk anywhere they need to go, or have a generous soul drive them.

The women who told me that ^ is one of the few people who checks up on the refugees. She told me that one time she went to see if they needed anything and all they had in their refrigerators was water bottles. They hadn’t received enough food because the other people had forgotten to check up on them and bring some.

Most of the refugee parents are single mothers, a lot are widows and some couldn’t get their husbands visas. The agency is making them get jobs or threatening to stop helping them. But these parents have no where to leave their children. The agency says to get a baby sitter but they don’t have money to hire one. And if that isn’t bad enough- they speak little to no English so it’s very verY VERY difficult to find a job.

The children are starting school soon, so the local mosque and other organizations are having school supply drives so they can collect supplies for the kids. These children will go to school, get education, make friends and learn English. These refugees are now part of the community. They will no longer refer to themselves as refugees Once they are situated. So they need all the help they can get to be situated.

I know how these people live and I am now trying to get my mother and my family to help me make food for them and deliver it to them. My sisters and I go out to events where the refugees go and talk to them and play with them and make them feel included. And let me tell you, the feeling you get, knowing you’ve helped this person and given them hope, is priceless. Their smiles are precious.

Helping refugees is not hard. It’s very simple. And even the smallest act of kindness you do for them, gives them the largest amount of hope. Here’s some ways you can help them:
•give them food
•give them supplies
•help find them jobs
•help clean their homes
•teach them English
And of you have more money:
•help them get better homes
•take them shopping (they’ll have so much fun, trust me)
•help them get a vehicle.

But the best thing you can do for them is to check up on them, be their friend, and give them hope.

Please spread this, people need to know.

And one last thing: it doesn’t matter your race, religion, or beliefs, what matters is that your helping someone in need.