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Malcolm X and Maya Angelou in Ghana, 1964.

Malcolm X on his last visit to Accra had announced a desire to create a foundation he called the Organization of Afro-American Unity. His proposal included taking the plight of the African-Americans to the United Nations and asking the world council to intercede on the part of beleaguered blacks. The idea was so stimulating to the community of African-American residents that I persuaded myself I should return to the States to help establish the organization. 

We all read Malcolm’s last letter to me.

Dear Maya,

I was shocked and surprised when your letter arrived but I was also pleased because I only had to wait two months for this one whereas previously I had to wait almost a year. You see I haven’t lost my wit. (smile)

Your analysis of our people’s tendency to talk over the head of the masses in a language that is too far above and beyond them is certainly true. You can communicate because you have plenty of (soul) and you always keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground.

I am enclosing some articles that will give you somewhat of an idea of my daily experiences here and you will then be better able to understand why it sometimes takes me a long time to write. I was most pleased to learn that you might be hitting in this direction this year. You are a beautiful writer and a beautiful woman. You know that I will always do my utmost to be helpful to you in any way possible so don’t hesitate.

Your brother Malcolm 

(Excerpt from Maya Angelou’s memoir A Song Flung Up To Heaven)


Just wanted to say that I’m so thankful to Julie Andem for daring to make this season happen. I’m also a muslim girl so I relate to lots of things that are happening and will happen during this season. Also it’s great to see that there won’t be just a female muslim representation but also a male. I’m so in love with this season already and I’m proud of being a fan of Skam. Just knowing that people that don’t know a lot about how we muslims feel about things are gonna see and put themselves in our skin and see from a different point of view makes me extremely excited and happy. I’m not gonna generalize but I wanna say that lot of muslim girls and boys go through lot of shit because of the society just like lgbtq+ people do too and millions of other people because of their lifestyle, their clothing, physical appearance, mentality, religion, sex orientation, etc. So here’s to those racist, sexist, homophobes, idiot and stupid people: NO MATTER WHAT GOD WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN, NO MATTER WHAT GENERE WE’RE ATTRACTED TO, NO MATTER OUR SKIN COLOUR, NO MATTER OUR CLOTHES, NO MATTER OUR MONEY, NO MATTER OUR ORIGIN COUNTRY, NO MATTER OUR FACES, NO MATTER OUR BODY SHAPES, NO MATTER OUR LIKES AND DISLIKES, WE’RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME, WE’RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS, WE LAUGH, WE CRY, WE LIVE AND WE DIE. So you dumbasses can go fuck yourselves.

Also if everyone was the same, life would be boring af.

Thanks Skam,

I love you.

The CPI(Maoist) on Islamic Resistance

“Basically, we regard the Islamic upsurge as a progressive anti-imperialist force in the contemporary world. It would be wrong to describe the struggle that is going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and several other countries as a struggle by Islamic fundamentalists or as a resurrection of something long ago theorized by Samuel Huntington as a ‘clash of civilizations’. In essence, notwithstanding the role of Islamic fundamentalists in these struggles, these are all wars of national liberation. Ideologically and politically, we oppose religious fundamentalism of any kind as it obfuscates class distinctions and class struggle and keeps the masses under the yoke of class oppression. However, ‘Islamic fundamentalism’, in my opinion, is an ally of the people in their fight against the fundamentalism of the free market promoted by the US, the EU and other imperialists. The Islamic upsurge is bound to raise anti-imperialist democratic consciousness among the Muslim masses and bring them closer with other secular, progressive and revolutionary forces. Despite the domination of fundamentalist ideology and outlook in the Islamic movement at present, I see the Islamic upsurge as the beginning of the democratic awakening of the Muslim masses.”

—Comrade Ganapathi, leader of the CPI(Maoist), April 2007 (Emphasis Ours)

“See, Islamic jihadist movements have two aspects: one is their anti-imperialist aspect, and the other their reactionary aspect in social and cultural matters. Our party supports the struggle of Muslim countries and people against imperialism, while criticising and struggling against the reactionary ideology and social outlook of Muslim fundamentalism. It is only Maoist leadership that can provide correct anti-imperialist orientation and achieve class unity among Muslims as well as people of other religious persuasions. The influence of Muslim fundamentalist ideology and leadership will diminish as communist revolutionaries and other democratic-secular forces increase their ideological influence over the Muslim masses. As communist revolutionaries, we always strive to reduce the influence of the obscurantist reactionary ideology and outlook of the mullahs and maulvis on the Muslim masses, while uniting with all those fighting against the common enemy of the world people—that is, imperialism, particularly American imperialism.”

— Comrade Ganapathi, leader of the CPI(Maoist), October 2009 (Emphasis Ours)

These quotes are equally revealing, to the responsibility of Communists (particularly in the west) as to our position on Islamic resistance. We are currently struggling against the very ideological and structural bases of the oppression that is carried out by the imperialists, that requires that we take aim at the underlying justification for these actions: imperialist jingoism. This has produced the situation in which anti-islamic sentiment has been allowed to flourish, and be juxtaposed to the interests and survival of western countries. To continue recycling the imperialist propaganda about the “medieval, backward monsters” fighting against imperialist interests in their countries does nothing to help elucidate the true nature of these struggles for western people. In fact, it does more to obscure the nature of these struggles than any other act, and throws greater justification to those right wing forces that attempt to unite the people on this basis of “national survival” for western society.

We understand that all bourgeois democratic forces, and the national revolutionaries of all countries who do not ascribe to a proletarian ideology ultimately are capturing interests that do not fundamentally oppose imperialism. Their interests are dynamic and can at any moment make friends of former foes, and turn against former allies in order to assert themselves on the world stage. This is true, and we should beware of this. However, we too are in a situation of temporal particularity where we are forced to combat the chief enemy of the world: imperialism. This has the many layers of ideological and structural justifications that often code itself in terms of “backward forces” abroad, when it is useful. For us to now recycle these insults, and to unduly side with the imperialist superstructure in its conquest against the people of the Muslim Third World, we are not helping our comrades internationally, but bolstering their principal enemy with the consent and support of our rhetoric. Such an act is not anti-imperialist or progressive, but is regressive and will lead to further violence against the Muslim peoples abroad and at home. 

dahlia-the-nurd replied to your post “Umar (r.a) didn’t attack Fatimah’s (r.a) house because simply there is…”

To be honest, if this story was true, wouldn’t Prophet’s hatred be incurred on Abu Bakr and Umar? Despite me reading in the Caliphate of both of them, the Islamic Empire flourished and I don’t read reports of Allah incurring His Wrath upon them. By all means, I do not mean to shame you on this, but bear some thoughts about this story, and you will see the flaws yourself.

Thank you @dahlia-the-nurd for your in depth analysis and input regarding the ‘’Shaykhan’’. Please link me to the Wikipedia page that educated you so well in our faith.

So this is quite often the measured and scholarly rebuke of the Sunnis when confronted with unpleasant truths about people they blindly follow (for example, you go to extremes in lying and trying to conceal events on behalf of someone long past). Either esteemed classical Sunni scholars were lying or the modern-day Sunni is in denial but one of these is true.

Your sect insists on closing the door on researching this matter and steps back from studying the history of these so called companions claiming that it is our duty to believe that they were all sincere people and ‘true’ believers, and that is our duty to be silent and turn a blind eye to their life story – to what mortal sins and heinous crimes there are in their career because they have all been forgiven.

You try to act like this is a normal occurrence. Your sect has from the very beginning sought to justify Abu Bakr and Umar’s actions no matter how repugnant they were with various excuses, including saying that such extremism was to protect Islam and maintain ‘unity’ between Muslims. This is why they don’t feel any shame in narrating these accounts, which contain indications that Umar hit women. Even Bukhari mentions in his Sahih an account of Umar’s hitting Abu Bakr’s sister (Umme Farwa) and hitting the women who came to mourn his companion Abu Bakr.

Your scholars tried to cover it up because Fatima al-Zahra (sa) is not like any other woman. Attacking her is one of the biggest sins. Moreover, it is Kufr and abandonment of the religion of Islam.

This act alone is enough for Umar to be considered cursed, cursed by the Angels. This is because in Sahih Muslim it’s reported that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Whoever points a weapon at his brother – and terrifies him – is cursed by the Angels.’’ It’s important to note that instead of pointing a weapon, Umar brandished a flaming torch.

Bukhari reports that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Fatima is a part of me. Whoever angers her angers me.’’ Based on this hadith, Fatima al-Zahra’s anger leads to the wrath of the Messenger of Allah, and the wrath of the Prophet (saw) clearly leads to the wrath of Allah. The result is that Umar angered Almighty Allah, because he angered Fatima al-Zahra and angered her father the Messenger (saw).

Please shake off the sectarian brainwashing, and wake up. It’s not complicated. I’m not asking you to become Shia; I’m asking you to be honest with history.

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How quickly we forget – How Muslims Helped Ireland During The Great Famine Ireland was ridden with famine and disease between 1845 and 1849. Also known as the Great Hunger, this famine had lasting effects: at least one million people died due to famine-related diseases and more than one million Irish fled, mainly to the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. The Islamic State (Ottoman) ruler at that time Sultan Khaleefah Abdul-Majid declared his intention to send £10,000 sterling to Irish farmers but Queen Victoria requested that the Sultan send only £1,000 sterling, because she had sent only £2,000 sterling herself. The Sultan sent the £1,000 sterling but also secretly sent 3 ships full of food. The British administration tried to block the ships, but the food arrived secretly at Drogheda harbour.

This generous charity from a Muslim ruler to a Christian nation is also important, particularly in our time when Muslims are often unfairly accused of human rights violations. Likewise, the appreciative plaque and overall reaction of the Irish society in return for this charity deserves to be applauded. We hope that the Turkish-Irish friendship sets a model for peace among different nations. In commemoration of the Ottoman aid, Drogheda added the Ottoman crescent and star to its coat of arms. Their football club’s emblem retains this design til this day.