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you really intrigued me the other day when you mentioned that you pray. I used to be a Christian but backed away from the faith, and lately I've felt the desire to pray but I've felt weird about it since I don't believe in God. I don't really have any solid questions as much as I would just like to hear you talk about praying and the part it plays in your spirituality, I guess. any insight you may have on the subject would be helpful as well as interesting

When you practice meditation, you begin to feel like your personality and individuality aren’t definite but rather are a kind of play. You feel like a wave in the ocean. 

The ocean is that larger Thatness. Some call That as Divinity, some as Emptiness, some as God. You are not apart from it. In total essence and reality, you are it. 

Prayer isn’t necessarily about knowing who or what to which you are praying. Thatness cannot be conceived in the mind. But when you pray, you again feel yourself as a wave of the ocean. 

The ocean always hears the prayers of waves. 

What does prayer do for me?

  • It helps me let go. 
    • Sometimes there are things out of my control, like when I was applying to medical schools. 
    • Sometimes I worry that I could have done more, could have said something differently, etc. 
      • Prayer helps me to surrender. 
        • I pray as a wave of the cosmic ocean, asking for things to unfold smoothly and for me to find gratitude for the way things are. 
  • It gives me guidance. 
    • Often I don’t know what to do. The universe is vastly more intelligent than I will ever be. And that is okay. I open myself to allow that intelligence to inspire and move me. 
    • If I am unclear about something very significant, I will pray for guidance and inspiration. 
      • It always works if you are patient and persistent. 
  • It allows me to practice compassion. 
    • In NYC, I cannot afford to give money to every homeless person I see. 
    • I see lots of people who are suffering, who are unhappy, who are angry, who are lost in one way or another. 
      • I pray for their peace, freedom, and bliss. 
      • I don’t care if they are meditators or christians or muslims or trance dancers. 
        • Let Thatness bring them toward fulfillment and peace, however that may look for them. 
  • Mornings
    • I pray for the energy, inspiration, and compassion to make the most of my day. 
    • I pray for the mindfulness to remain on my path toward enlightenment. 
  • Evenings
    • I withdraw the energies I’ve leant out through the day back into myself. 
    • I dedicate the merit of my activities to the liberation of all sentient beings without differentiation. 

In the end, prayer is like a knack you get. It isn’t about structures or words but a clarity of heart that you express in the most sincere terms available. 

You don’t need beliefs or ideas about the whole thing. Just a feeling. Meditation is good for helping that. 

Namaste :) I hope this helped. 


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