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why don’t we talk about muslim kids in hogwarts during ramadan? imagine waking up at 3 every morning and walking down for suhoor, to find the house elves have prepared a feast for them. imagine the kids having an extended curfew, so they can go and eat iftar at 10, where the house elves once again provide a ten course meal, topped with dates and traditional delicacies from around the world. imagine the kids being allowed to go into the kitchens in the middle of the night if they were still in the mood to eat. imagine the kids being allowed to leave class to do their prayers, and spending lunch times to read the quran. we need to talk more about muslim kids in hogwarts.

لاتتردد في العوده الى الله
مهما لوثتك الخطايا والذنوب
فالذي سترك وانت تحت سقف المعصيه
لن يفضحك تحت جناح التوبه

Do not hesitate about returning to Allah
Despite your mistakes & no matter how sinful you might be
For if He covered (protected) you under the roof of sin
He will not expose you under the wing of repentance

I stumbled across this little note that I left for myself about 2 years ago in my sketchbook for a future reminder.
SubhanAllah, it could not have reached me at a better time than now, Alhamdulillah. ❤️

“What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips.

What ever is meant for you will be coming your way, while you are led and directed toward it.

As for that which is not meant for you, you will be deflected from it as it is turned aside from you.

Go easy on yourself, for the outcome of all affairs is determined by Allah’s decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee”
– Umar bin al Khattab (RA)

Queer & queer inclusive parenting needs to be normalized in the media.

Two moms holding hands raising their first born.

A dad telling his trans son about the first time he went on T.

Cishet parents not forcing gender rolls on their kids.

Also inclusive in that a wheelchair using nb parent teaching their son about makeup

Or a muslim dad being proud of his lil girl in her rainbow hijab

Queer and queer inclusive parenting needs to be normalized. Destroying queerphobia isn’t going to be accomplished while hetero/cisnormitivity exist.

The critical examination of religion should be encouraged, and asking questions about religions should be encouraged. 

What should stop is people yelling at other people who don’t know, who are asking questions, who just want to explore and know more.  


Enough is enough. Donald Trump’s tweets against transgendered people are yet another reminder that his destructive, backwards agenda cannot continue. Call or tweet at your senators and representatives. Sign petitions. Join or create protests in your area. Exercise your unalienable rights as Americans. 

Is it safe to read Otebk as Muslim?? 70% of Kazakhstan’s population is Muslim so it’s very very possible that he is! So far I don’t see any reason not to especially since they don’t mention anything yet about his religion.

I personally think with such a variety of characters from different ethnic backgrounds it’s very possible to have diversity in beliefs as well. JJ is Christan (doing the cross before his performance) and Phichit could be Buddhist (He greets people using the traditional Wai greeting which might have origins in Buddhism)

I personally think it’ll be amazing. Kobu sensei made an amazing diverse and inclusive world so I would like to hope a having a Muslim character wouldn’t be so crazy. I know he’s most likely based off Dennis Ten but for now until I find out other wise I’ll read him as Muslim.

Alright so please consider this if you’re an American person  commenting “prayers/hope are useless” and “Syria has war, not internet” on supportive posts for the people of Syria:

  • Either come up with a better solution and implement it, or stay off those posts with your cynicism. Explain this to me: Your words carry the exact same weight as a message of support. So if your opinion is that they have no weight, why comment? And if you believe that they do have weight and you comment anyways, ask yourself why you are actively trying to discourage people from supporting peace whilst simultaneously contradicting your own statement.
  • America is home to many people of Syrian descent, Syrian Americans, and others with family and friends in Syria.
  • Why is this important? Because our president is literally spewing an absurd rhetoric of hatred, fear, and vitriol about the nebulous concept of ~Syria.~ Last night in his speech, he dropped the “we are against the people who harmed the Syrian civilians” line alarmingly fast and replaced it with just “Syria.” If you don’t see how scary that is or how damaging to Syrian people who live here, I don’t know what to tell you.
  • Words matter. Words. Really. Matter. I literally don’t understand how you can say that they do not. If you say “words don’t matter,” I will assume that yours, personally, are empty, which is sad. Without words, you wouldn’t know that this was going on, or have the capacity to form an educated opinion on it. Words are a call to action. Words tell people they’re not alone. Words can alienate us or bring us together, and our president is doing his damn best to alienate. I refuse. Because that’s the thing about words, they’re only powerful if you give them power. So give power to words of support and peace. Resist. 
  • Words do not equal inaction. 
  • Please stop pretending that countries affected by war have no technology and/or modern facilities. No one is imagining that an injured child is reading these posts and being inspired by them so please just stop with that line, which is clearly meant to make the act of Giving a Damn™ seem like a ~snowflake~ maneuver. That’s why we also donate when we can and volunteer.  But for people to do that, they need to be mobilized. They need to care. And to donate, means are necessary. Not everyone has those means, so please don’t act like those people should just sit down and say nothing unless they can donate or volunteer. That’s absurd. 
  • Peace and hope should not be seen as a part of a party agenda. If you see the majority of the left as soft and weak for being anti-war, go talk to someone who has served in active military duty and ask them if war is something to be desired.

Words matter if you decide they do. So make them count.