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Smile at your spouse

When was the last time you beamed at your spouse or saw your spouse smiling lovingly at you? Okay, I shouldn’t have asked that question because you’d probably need to time travel back into the ancient past. Smile when you open the door to your tired husband, smile when you get to see your wife after a long day at work, smile at the mother/father of your child for giving you such a beautiful gift; let your smile be the last thing your spouse sees before they close their eyes to sleep. Smile because there’s no reason not to.

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Hey, hope you're open to questions about Muslim relationships, just in reference to your last post about skam. Is it vital in Islam that a faithful Muslim must also marry a faithful Muslim? Or is that completely up to the person? Does Sana have the choice to decide if she is still interested in Yousef despite his lack of beliefs (I know she clearly values her faith) or does she have to marry a faithful Muslim?

Hi there! Thank you for your question, before I start I would like to say that I can’t speak for all Muslims because we all have a variety of interpretations about our religion so it’s important to note that before reading.

In Islam, it’s important that you marry a Muslim and like Sana said, it’s written in the Qu’ran. This is there because marrying a non-Muslim can cause conflict in the marriage since there’s something quite big missing i.e. a lack of complete understanding for how the other chooses to live their life. Islam is, for a lot of Muslims, a religion that many hold above everything. Islam is everywhere, it always comes first. God always comes first. That’s why it’s important for some Muslims, such as Sana, that their spouse be Muslim because they can share their faith and support each other. It’s very difficult to compromise values and beliefs when it’s as big as religion. 

You asked whether Sana has a choice and the answer is yes, she can choose to marry him if she wishes. This season has all been about religion being a choice Sana makes every day rather than a restriction upon her which is a common misconception. So yes, Sana can choose to pursue Yousef despite his beliefs but she will know that it’s not a choice that complies with her religion. Nobody can stop Sana from her decision except herself. My sister had to make a choice when she began to like a non-Muslim and it’s incredibly difficult but she made the choice on her own. 

I’m not fully sure what you meant by a ‘faithful’ Muslim but I’m guessing you mean a practicing Muslim? (Let me know if I’m wrong) A Muslim is, firstly and foremostly, a person who believes in Allah. There are five pillars in Islam and the first is Shahada (Arabic for ‘testimony’) which is a declaration of faith in God. Before praying, before any Islamic rule, this is the most important step and the defining characteristic of a Muslim. Yousef made it clear that he does not believe in Allah. If Yousef was non-practicing but believed in Allah, there wouldn’t be a huge issue and Sana could easily marry him. But he doesn’t, which makes this decision much harder.

Hope that helped, feel free to ask more questions if you need to :) 

Marriage is so much more than love and romance. It HAS to be.
A couple struggles together to cope when there is a miscarriage, and the loss of love, dreams, and excitement they had for that child.
A couple struggles together when the bank account is low, hospital bills from a sick child are stacking up, and more work or a higher salary is hard to come by.
A couple struggles together when one of their parents becomes ill, and after years of care, finally returns to our Lord.
A couple struggles together through the tantrums of the toddler years, and the storms of trying to keep a close hold on their kids in the teens and young adult years.
A couple struggles together when facing the loss of their home, or car, or job and how to recreate stability at a time when there seems to be none.
A couple struggles together when one spouse’s iman is low, and their faith is teetering on the edge, while the other strives hard to keep them both at a safe distance away from that same sharp edge and dramatic fall.
Marriage is not just about love and romance. It’s also about fulfilling this ayah:
“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find *tranquillity* in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” Quran 30:21
Love and romance are what surrounds the marriage to make ease in hard times, laughter in the midst of stress, passion at the most ironic times.
But it’s depth, the meaning of love, and even romance, should be given so much more depth and value. Hollywood romance doesn’t even come close to this kind of beauty.
Love is worth the struggle, and the struggle is beautiful.
—  Via Wives of Jannah

For the Brothers:

You can marry a Woman for her Wealth but money will Perish.
You can marry a Woman for her Beauty but beauty will Fade Away.
You can marry a Woman for her Power /Family Prestige, but power won’t Last.
But If you marry a Pious Righteous Woman who Fears ALLAH and Loves our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)
She will Honour you, will be Affectionate with you and Help you to get Closer to ALLAH.