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NASA scientist Sidd Bikkannavar says he was forced to unlock phone at airport

  • Before it was temporarily halted by federal judges, President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban affected thousands of people worldwide. While much of the focus has rightly been on the refugees and immigrants whose lives were affected by the ban, it’s also affected U.S. citizens — including a NASA scientist.
  • Sidd Bikkannavar, who works in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on Jan. 30 upon returning to the United States from Santiago, Chile, the Verge reported.  Read more.

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Hi cunt women are lesser animals,with usually smaller brains, less neurons, and less synapses. That's why women rely more on instinct and emotion, rather than logic or reason. That also explains women's relative lack of intellectual accomplishments or invention over the past 3,000 years (and more). Your gender's main contributions have been singing, giving birth, cooking and cleaning, Nearly everything women have accomplished is with help from men or from a group of men. Women deserve no rights

Hi dickhead I’m feeling petty this morning so I’m gonna eviscerate this swill part by part. It seems like the concept of basic science confuses you. I’ll start by citing this article for you and provide some choice quotes. It used a heavily peer-reviewed study and the methodology was completely sound (i read the whole goddamn original work and several of its external citations).

“On average, for example, men tend to have a larger amygdala, a region associated with emotion. Such differences are small and highly influenced by the environment, yet they have still been used to paint a binary picture of the human brain,“

“Depending on whether the researchers looked at gray matter, white matter, or the diffusion tensor imaging data, between 23% and 53% of brains contained a mix of regions that fell on the male-end and female-end of the spectrum. Very few of the brains—between 0% and 8%—contained all male or all female structures.” 

A list of early inventions by women (it includes elevated rail-lines, Kevlar, and the submarine telescope! the lack of patents taken out by women early on is actually because men made it illegal for a woman to hold a patent in her name until the early 1900s. those darn men, always inhibiting progress)

 A detailed list of several well-known contemporary female scholars

Here’s Wikipedia’s list of Muslim women who made significant intellectual achievements

A list of 30 Black women who made history

A detailed history of Asian women’s contributions

Notable Native American women from the past 350 years

Here’s TWO articles on the contributions of trans women in contemporary culture (the first one also includes nonbinary people, just a heads up. It seemed more relevant than many of the others tho)

You know what fuck you here’s 50 more women who did important shit

Wikipedia’s history of lesbian literature (which lists a lot of books and authors)

Tbh I do agree with you on the singing being a main contribution, just because women have nicer voices (in my opinion) and are much more likely to use their songwriting expertise to push activist and progressive agendas.

Maybe don’t come into my inbox with this shit when you don’t know what you’re talking about? Put away the 18th century medical book and take a chill pill.


This 14-year-old Muslim American student was detained for bringing a homemade clock to school 

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old Muslim student was arrested at his high school in Irving, Texas, after bringing a homemade clock to class, which school officials mistook for a bomb. Mohamed showed his engineering teacher first, but when the alarm went off later in the day, that’s when the trouble started. 

Atheist: Christianity is a religion filled with sexism, racism, homophobia, hatred, horrid morals, and isn’t supported by science. Most Christians are generally harmless, but Christian radicals are very dangerous and are influenced by their religion. 

The left: Yesss preach it!

Atheist:  Islam is a religion filled with sexism, racism, homophobia, hatred, horrid morals, and isn’t supported by science. Most Muslims are generally harmless, but Muslim radicals are very dangerous and are influenced by their religion.

The left: Wow you fucking islamaphobe; I bet you wouldn’t say that about Christianity you disgusting bigot. 

Elements of Person

Those that live within Fire 

  • Seek Answers 
  • Rebel 
  • Me attitude

Fire allows one to purify the Path

Those that live within Water

  • Seek questions
  • Flow with life
  • Them attitude

Water allows one to cleanse the Path

Those that live within Air

  • Absorb information
  • Creative Ideas
  • Us attitude. 

Air allows one to prepare the Path. 

Those that live within Earth

  • Spread Wisdom
  • Connects all
  • I am 

Earth allows one to be the Path. 

Everyone comes from different Paths.

Create a smooth terrain for others Paths. 


Of course, like every religion, Islam has had its moments. Muslim scholars invented algebra, translated the writings of Plato and Aristotle, and made important contributions to a variety of nascent sciences at a time when European Christians were luxuriating in the most abysmal ignorance. It was only through the Muslim conquest of Spain that classical Greek texts found their way into Latin translation and seeded the Renaissance in western Europe. Thousands of pages could be written cataloging facts of this sort for every religion, but to what end? Would it suggest that religious faith is good, or even benign? It is a truism to say that people of faith have created almost everything of value in our world, because nearly every person who has ever swung a hammer or trimmed a sail has been a devout member of one or another religious culture. There has been simply no one else to do the job. We can also say that every human achievement prior to the twentieth century was accomplished by men and women who were perfectly ignorant of the molecular basis of life. Does this suggest that a nineteenth-century view of biology would have been worth maintaining? There is no telling what our world would now be like had some great kingdom of Reason emerged at the time of the Crusades and pacified the credulous multitudes of Europe and the Middle East. We might have had modern democracy and the Internet by the year 1600. The fact that religious faith has left its mark on every aspect of our civilization is not an argument in its favor, nor can any particular faith be exonerated simply because certain of its adherents made foundational contributions to human culture.
—  Sam Harris, The End of Faith, p. 108
Muslim Superheroes

 asked: I know y'all have been talking a lot lately about why Muslim characters who practice magic would be considered offensive (which I didn’t know, so thanks!), but what about Muslim superheroes? I’m planning a story with a friend that would revolve around teenage superheroes, and one of them is a Somali Muslim girl who becomes a hero to protect her community from Islamophobic hate crimes. Her powers are explicitly said to have a non-magical source (it’s comic book science–think radioactive spiders)

I mentioned this in the magical girls post, but personally I don’t have an issue with Muslim superheroes. As a matter of fact, our very prominent and lauded representation right now rests on the shoulders of Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, as penned by Muslim-American author G. Willow Wilson. 

To me, origin stories usually involve science and experimentation, and do not have anything to do with magic. In light of rising Islamophobia, I’m impressed by your determination to make your superhero a combatant of hate crimes. I wish you all the best and I particularly applaud the fact that you’re already setting out to make this as unproblematic and respectful as possible. 

 - Kaye

During the so called, “Islamic Golden Age”, many of the scientists, inventors, philosophers, and mathematicians that lived under Islamic rule were hardly believers of the tenants of Islam, ironically many were secular Persians who cared about science more than religion (* See note below), and many questioned religion openly. They just happened to live under a Caliphate that conquered a large portion of the world. Besides, even if they were devout Muslims who spent their whole lives following and believing everything in the Quran, which they did not, their achievements had nothing to do with Islam, they just lived under Muslim rule! However, in the 21st century, apparently, Islam should be credited with what they achieved, even though Islam, the religion itself, not only had nothing to do with their works, but was heavily questioned by many of them in a way that could get you killed in some Muslim countries today!

* The irony is the fact that many Muslims in the Middle East today refer to Persians by using the derogatory term of “Ajam”. Many do not even consider Persians to be “real Muslims”, but if they were scientists in the Middle Ages and held no strong religious beliefs, everything they achieved is attributed to Islam.