muslim prayers

Pray for those who are struggling to get up and pray for themselves, due to depression or for any other reason. Pray for those who want to pray but don’t have the heart to anymore. Pray for those who are guilty for missing their prayers and cannot find the love and willingness to pray for their Lord anymore. Pray for those who feel they are not good enough Muslims because of their personal barriers against praying.


They have no rights,
they go thought bullying every single day.
they got Illegally occupied,
they got kicked out of their own Houses,
they got kicked out of their own Lands.
Bombs are being dropped at their Houses.
they are being arrested,
they are being tortured,
they will probably get locked up in Prisons for Years.
And they did nothing wrong.
We all know they are not guilty.
They go through all this only because they believe one word. - La ilaha illallah.
They are going through all this and still smiling!
They lost everything, expect Honor.
You can’t scare them.
We are a people who fear none but Allah