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Pray for those who are struggling to get up and pray for themselves, due to depression or for any other reason. Pray for those who want to pray but don’t have the heart to anymore. Pray for those who are guilty for missing their prayers and cannot find the love and willingness to pray for their Lord anymore. Pray for those who feel they are not good enough Muslims because of their personal barriers against praying.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton caught lying about a school providing a Muslim-only classroom

  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is in hot water for falsely accusing a high school in the greater Dallas area of being anti-Christian by allowing Muslim students to pray in an empty classroom.
  • On Friday, Paxton wrote an open letter to Liberty High School claiming that it had violated the First Amendment since the school did not open the classroom’s prayer space to all students, the Independent reported.
  • “It appears that the prayer room is ‘dedicated to the religious needs of some students’ — namely, those who practice Islam,” Paxton, with the support of Gov. Greg Abbott, wrote. “It is unclear whether students of other faiths may use the room at the same time or at other times during the week. Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion.”
  • It turns out Paxton’s allegations are not true. Jeremy Lyon, Frisco Independent School District superintendent, responded in a statement released Friday explaining that the classroom is open to all students. 
  • Lyon also reassured Paxton and other concerned citizens that Liberty High School was complying with both federal and state laws — including Texas’s Freedom Restoration Act. The Freedom Restoration Act requires schools and institutions to not suppress or burden an individual’s right to exercise religious freedom. Read more (3/21/17 12:45 PM)

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Ramadan Goals

1) 5 fard prayers, every day, no excuses.
2) No social media (other than Tumblr)
3) Hijabbbbbbb✨✨
4) Donate my immodest clothes
5) Keep water bottles and granola bars in my car at all times to give to the homeless.
6) Keep a dua notebook
7) Attend taraweeh as often as possible
8) Get through the Qu'ran again
9) Spread kindness
10) Smile

عن أبي بكر الصديق رضي الله عنه، أنه قال لرسولِ اللهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم : علِّمْني الدعاءَ أدْعو به في صلاتي. قال: قل:“ اللهمَّ إني ظلمتُ نفسي ظلمًا  كثيرًا، ولا يغفرُ الذنوبَ إلا أنت، فاغفرْ لي مغفرةً من عندِك، وارحمْني، إنك أنت الغفورُ الرحيمُ .” صحيح البخاري حديث ٨٣٤

Narrated Abu Bakr As-Siddiq: I asked Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) to teach me an invocation so that I may invoke Allah with it in my prayer. He told me to say, ”Allahumma inni zalumtu nafsi zulman kathiran, Wala yaghfiru dh-dhunuba illa anta, fa ghfir li maghfiratan min `indika, wa r-hamni, innaka anta l-ghafuru r-rahim (O Allah! I have done great injustice to myself and none except You forgives sins, so bestow on me a forgiveness from You, and Have Mercy on me, You are the Forgiver, the Merciful). Sahih al-Bukhari 834
In-book reference : Book 10, Hadith 227
USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 1, Book 12, Hadith 796

سلسلة الأذكار والأدعية // Athkar & Invocations Series | 15