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The cruel abstraction of masculinity is that men must be macho, unfeeling; devoid of emotional truth and honesty. Essentially, men who aren’t real. Zayn is a new breed of male. Soft-spoken and mysterious, with a gentle repose, Zayn is both a heartthrob and an idealist. People tend to think that humans exist in binaries, but through the ostensible oxymoron that is “Muslim pop star,” Zayn is a new category in himself. He has feelings. He has emotions. The world pushes men like him towards the patriarchy, towards categorization — but as a Muslim pop star, he exists outside of it.

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A Small PSA for Muslim Men

This is a small PSA for the simple minded Muslim men out there. Mahr doesn’t equate to a woman’s worth. Now let me repeat that for you again. MAHR DOESN’T EQUATE TO A WOMAN’S WORTH. And for you to have the mentality that ‘if I’m paying that much for mahr she better be my personal maid for life’ is sickening. You’re trash for thinking that paying a decent amount of money for mahr in this day and age means that it’s fair to expect such and such from her. Your soon to be wife is not a product you purchased off a shelf. And nobody’s worth let alone a woman’s is monetary. End of rant.

You know, back in the day like the time of the prophet the muslim men had so much manners. Like men today talk so badly about muslim women, and its to the point where yall are pushing them to non muslims. You are here to peotect us, not damn us to hell. That is not your job. Stay in your lane homie, and stand up for your sister in Islam. (not all men)

Most Muslim men don’t even really know what their hijab is and how they’re required to dress, let alone follow their rules, but still open their mouths and spew out sewage anytime Muslim women’s hijab is mentioned. When will they start worrying about themselves and employing their responsibility of lowering their gazes instead of trying to interject themselves into conversations about the personal worship of women?

Things People Need To Remember

• White people are not the problem, racists are.
• Muslims are not the problem, terrorists are.
• CIS people are not the problem, transphobic people are.
• Christians are not the problem, homophobic and judgmental people are.
• Rich people are not the problem, wealthy people who used the poor to become rich and make fun of the lower class are.
• Those who share, celebrate and honor a culture are not the problem, those who wrongly appropriate a culture to lower it or make fun of it are.
• Men are not the problem, misogyny and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• Women are not the problem, misandry and those who think are they’re the better sex are.
• People are not the problem, their bad actions are.