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since i 100% headcanon that even casts the balloon squad boys in all his short films in uni, what is ur headcanon for the ranking of the 5 of them from worst to best in terms of acting ability

sorry for the late reply but i finally have my laptop back so i can finally answer this

of course the boys will help with his short films like they would cancel plans to help their bro

okay yousef is the absolute worst like he can’t act or he gets to embarressed and he can’t stay into character and forgets his lines all the time and he is just a disaster and one time he had to act like he was madly in love with some girl and sana was helping out and he just couldn’t do it ,,, like not even for even 

mikael is bad but like in a total different way like everything goes well in the rehearsals but when they film everythings go back and it feels forced like he is better going off script but than they lose focus

adam is good but he rather works off set even thouh it hurts that people are being robbed of his amazing looks truly tragic and he rathers flirt with mikael while he is helping out even

mutta is great like he is on time, follows the the script like he does his best but it takes a while before all his nerves are gone when acting but overall he is very hardworking and once when even told him that he was going make the main character for his short about a muslim  football player mutta cried for 5 hours

but the best actor is elias because he is so charming and he really becomes the character when he is acting and he tries to say true to the character because even put so much work in this i can’t mess up too bad and he always is prepared when he shoots and he always go to even to ask in dept questions about the characters he plays because ,,, he is a professional okay ,,,


Muslimah Fashion: Fitness Wear

When it comes to fitness and sports wear, it’s functionality over esthetics

One of the more popular looks is the oversized long sleeved tshirt (length is your preference) paired with lightweight trackpants. Looser items are preferred during sports to avoid overheating and limiting movements. You can also use a combination of a loose tshirt or jersey layered over an easy breathing longsleeve shirt. 

Because of constant motion, it’s important for the hijab to not become a hindrance (major distraction and safety hazard in contact sports). For this reason, shorter hijab styles or Sporter Hijab styles  are recommended. 

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Did Muslims ever play football or the like in the era of the Prophet pbuh? Not trolling, genuinely want to know

Football was invented in England in the early 19th century, though there were probably similar types of games played around the world before. But there isnt really a record of Prophet ﷺ taking part in such types of sports.

The sports that we did know of that Prophet ﷺ and his Sahabahs رضي الله عنهم took part in were wrestling, archery, horseback riding, running.

So they did take part in some sports activities.

Allahu Alam


English and Russian soccer fans clashed on Saturday during Euro 2016 riots in France and this guy took the opportunity to make a great point about the media.

Hayder al-Khoei, research director at England’s Centre for Academic Shi’a Studies in London, watched the unrest unfold and put out this epic tweetstorm

“Some of the reactions have been hilarious,” he told BuzzFeed News. “Many have missed the sarcasm and think I’m being serious.”

“Man Caves” are fucking disgusting places for cowards to retreat when they realise their fuckwit ideas of masculinity don’t translate to, you know, the real world.  There’s a reason why all that parasitic alcohol and sport related paraphernalia isn’t standard issue in a home and that reason is it fucking sucks.  A discount lager branded beer mat on a wooden bench in a garage isn’t an identity or a form of self-expression; it’s not homage to some sort of working class collective consciousness.  It’s just big business marketing guilt tripping your deadshit mind via feelings of nostalgia associated with times when you thought you were happy (you weren’t, you were drunk).  Bundaberg Rum isn’t a badge of honour, it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage, it’s not real, it’s a product.  You know that bear they use in their ads? I know the idea is great but he isn’t real either, he’s not your mate, you and the bear, you never went on fishing trips together. Don’t buy into their shit, just fucking go inside and talk to your family you big dumb man cave cunt, stop sitting there pretending you’re having a good time, we all know you aren’t, you’re pathetic in there, stewing away on some disgusting couch on your phone leaving racist comments on news articles, hate-tweeting local celebrities until they kill themselves, insulting “faggots” while rubbing one out to some lesbian porn, reminiscing about the great years gone by (they weren’t great, again, you were drunk).

Also, chances are if you’re the kind of big sook of a man who has a man cave and buys shit like supermarket hummus and mass produced crackers and cabanossi to make themselves feel special, your wife is probably a bit of a cunt towards you, and it’s not totally fun to be around her all the time (go to the pub when this happens by the way moron).  It’s not her fault she’s like this, it’s because you’ve got all these emotional and communication and identity issues and are a big fucking child who can’t support his family properly.  Trust me, it’s not her, or the gays or the Muslims or random indigenous football players that have caused this fucking mess, it’s your lack of personal responsibility and accountability.  There’s a reason Andrew Bolt and his contemporaries soothe you so much; they make it feel like it’s someone else’s fault, all these feelings of resentment and indifference, but the hangover only gets worse mate, you can’t stay in here forever.

So get up, put some proper fucking pants on and leave!! You don’t need this cave Robbo, leave, go free, go for a walk in the park, the beach, go to Bali with your fuckhead mates, whatever, please, just stop living this primal cave myth.