muslim compound


My father didn’t grow up in the States or with Western culture so there are huge parts of history that are just unknown to him. In our recent travels, he stumbled across the “Inquisition Museum” in Granada Spain. 

Upon coming back to the hotel. He asked me, with great pain and sincerity, how people could do such horrible things to each other. I couldn’t answer him then. All I knew was that we saw majesty and marveled at the artistry that religion could provoke from the Sagrada Familia cathedral and the Muslim compound at the Alhambara in Granada; And I knew that such fervor could also inspire cruelty. 

A day later, the Manchester attacks happened. 

Thinking of the stories that the survivors tell and the horror that was witnessed by actual, literal children, it’s hard to think that the world has actually changed since the brutal Inquisition when thousands of Muslims and Jews were tortured and killed.  

I’ve been trying to formulate a tweet or a facebook post to say something about my feelings, but it’s been difficult. 

There’s so much to say and yet so little. What can we say except that our hearts are broken? What other feelings can we feel except utter devastation? 

It feels like nothing any one individual can say will ever be enough to speak to the horror that has happened and will happen and has happened, it feels like in the face of such an event, even saying something like “My heart is with the families” feels like so little. 

Sorry guys, this post is a bummer. 

What is happening to Al Aqsa should be making everyone’s blood boil. These raids have been taking place for a good while now, however, and as of today 5 November, the al-Qabali Mosque (where Friday prayers are held) has never been raided until this morning.

The Israeli occupation forces have closed the al-Qabali mosque with chains, detained worshippers and fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at them injuring 32. Not only that, witnesses said that they have set fire to parts of al-Qabali mosque and intentionally damaged copies of the Quran. If this doesn’t enrage you, I’m not sure what will.

Mind you that all of this aims to increase the Jewish presence on the compound. Today for instance, and while these deadly clashes were taking place, over a hundred settlers toured the compound as Muslim worshippers under the age of 50 were denied entrance.