muslim awakening

A Beautiful Story…

::♥::…Sorry, but my heart is already taken by a lover of Jannah…::♥::

“He took his wallet out of his pocket to give sadaqah … after putting good amounts of money on the hands of 2 poor men, he saw her for the first time…She was walking down the street…he admired the way she was lowering her gaze, he respected the Hijab she was wearing, she captured his heart by her chastity and her modesty…She was exactly as he imagined his future wife to be.

He knew that he should not do it but he wanted to approach her, so he went to her and asked her : “may I speak to you for few minutes.. believe me, my intention is good, I just want to know where you are living” she was surprised , she looked at him for few seconds not believing that he was talking to her..

Then she lowered her gaze quickly , her face turned to red because of shyness… Somehow she found the strength to reply with confidence:”Sorry, but my heart is already taken by a lover of Jannah …He is a true believer who always lowers his gaze… I didn’t meet him yet but he is the man Allah already decreed for me…I won’t let any other man approach me or know me except him.”

Then she left and he felt that she took his heart with her. He followed her to know where she was living. Later on that day, He was ashamed of himself, he knew she was right! He thought he is good practicing Muslim until she awaken him with her words: “A good believer obeys Allah and lower his gaze!” From that day, he tried his best to change himself to be a better Muslim… He lowered his gaze whenever he went out. After some time, when he felt he was ready, he went with his father to the house of that righteous girl to ask her parents for her hand in marriage.

Surprisingly, she remembered him, she even accepted to marry him …He was thinking that she probably accepted him because he has a good reputation as a practicing Muslim. On their wedding night, he asked her:

”Why did you accept me?”

She replied with a smile on her lips:

”the day we met for the first time,and seconds before you came to talk to me, I saw you giving sadaqah to 2 poor men…I knew that nothing, but good, would come from a man like you… you would bring nothing but barakah and blessings to your family and your wife”

There was silence between them until she asked:”What about you, why did you chose me ?”

He replied smiling: ”I wanted to be the man you talked about that day, the man you already fell in love with”

O Allah grant us with suitable loving spouses.. loving whom would bring us closer to Your love!