Welp, this Orlando shooting is lose-lose-lose. On the one hand, it’s pretty obviously got to be a hate crime. On the other hand, it’s also looking like an act of terrorism, possibly Islamic in origin. And to top it off, it’s yet another mass shooting. So you just know that the hardcore right-wing in America are going to:

  • Be falling all over themselves to blame LGBTQ+ people for angering god and bringing tragedy on themselves (*barf*)
  • Froth about how the EVUL MUSLEMS are coming to kill all the white people and OMG THEY HATE THE GAYS! ISN’T THAT TERRIBLE! PLEASE IGNORE THE FACT THAT WE TRANSPARENTLY HATE THEM TOO! (*baaarf*)
  • Rave about how only more good Christian people with guns could have prevented this tragedy, because if Muslims have guns then by gosh the Bible-thumpers need even more to crusade against them. Nobody kills ‘our’ gays but us! Etc. (*barf ad infinitum*)

So. Yeah. It’s a giant package of Islamophobia, homophobia and gun-obsession all wrapped up with a nice neat bow of innocent dead people, and just in time to be more election fodder in a year of the election that no god or devil would take credit for. It’s like all the Fox News commentators’ Christmases have come at once, isn’t it?