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i mean the thing about all four musketeers (five if we count constance) is that they're all so goddamn ride or die™ for each other that i'm honestly surprised that that dramatic-ass show didn't utilize more of the heroic sacrifice tropes than they did because tbh they could have gotten away with it

this is very real like???????? first of all, i really appreciate how first d’artagnan, then constance, and then finally anne are truly like Adopted Into The Squad and as such part of this ride or dieTM motif

but then secondly – i really wonder, would they have been adopted into The Squad had they themsleves NOT been the type of human being who is just inherently the sort of person to ride or die? really think abt this. 

d’artagnan comes to paris to avenge his fathers death, tries to kill athos, and then half a day later saves his life and signs up to b a musketeer cadet. arguably, he didnt clear athos’s name out of his undying love for athos, but rather to find his father’s real killer. but within two episodes time he is risking his neck on the daily for the inseparables like theyve been old friends for years. TWO EPISODES. 

and constance – guess shes just gonna go along and KILL A MAN for a kid who crashed into her on the street, kissed her, fainted into her arms, and consequently tried to kill one of her old friends. constance is so ride or die it is UNREAL. she knows anne for like three months and is like NEAT I AM TAKING UR DARKEST SECRETS W ME TO THE GRAVE. she is like I AM BODILY PUTTING MYSELF IN DANGER FOR U ANNE, I DONT CARE IF WE MET TWO HOURS AGO. im exaggerating but only slightly!!!! if she judges ur character and decides ur worth it, she will 100% unquestioningly agree to go out on her tuesday night dressed as a hooker so you can solve a murder mystery. like, really??? u cant just FIND people like that around!!!! 

and anne herself, who at one point really becomes the Squad Leader (the khaleesi scene in the accused where shes gliding down the hall w the whole posse behind her REALLY LOOKIN READY TO RIDE OR DIE LOL) is really the kind of person who will like. keep ur secrets for u forever. she is stone cold. she is like,,,, I Will Defend U No Matter The Cost.

anyways i love them all. remember when rochefort was like “constance i will spare ur life if u condemn ur actual brother and sister to death” and constance was like “binch”

truly legendary


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Anne of Austria was then twenty-six or twenty-seven years of age; that is to say, she was in the full splendor of her beauty. (…) her eyes, which cast the brilliancy of emeralds, were perfectly beautiful, and yet were at the same time full of sweetness and majesty. Her mouth was small and rosy; and although her underlip, like that of all princes of the House of Austria, protruded slightly beyond the other, it was eminently lovely in its smile, but as profoundly disdainful in its contempt. Her skin was admired for its velvety softness; her hands and arms were of surpassing beauty, all the poets of the time singing them as incomparable. Lastly, her hair, which, from being light in her youth, had become chestnut, and which she wore curled very plainly, and with much powder, admirably set off her face. 

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas | cap XII

Cursed child actors in TV shows

Just a little fun post J I was actually quite surprised by some of them as i always loved watching series like Doctor Who and Merlin and i watched these episodes so often and never realized the cursed child actors were in it!

1)      Alex Price (Draco Malfoy)

Alex has the biggest list of TV appearances and i’m still laughing that i’ve seen him so often on TV and never realized it was him!

a)      Merlin

You can see Alex in a beloved series of mine, Merlin. He is in season 2 episode 2 and plays a farmer called William , who has to take Athur’s place in a competition. It’s incredible how much he has changed since then


b)      Doctor Who

Alex is in one of the most loved British Television series, Doctor who. You can see him in season 5 episode 6 playing a vampire-like alien. A VERY ironic fact: He is in this together with Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy in the movies and this makes a VERY funny mother-son dynamic in Doctor Who!

c)       Being Human

(Dance it Alex! I feel VERY sorry if anyone can’t take his Draco serious anymore xD)

If here are any Being human fans i don’t think i have to say more than „Gilbert fun“! In season  episode 3 he plays the „iconic“ and lovely character of a ghost called Gilbert.


d)      Penny dreadful

 In this rather dark TV series he played the second „creation“ of the iconic Dr. Frankenstein and he was SO adorable in this! (season  episode 1 and 2)

Alex was in a lot more TV shows like Casuality, Father Brown, Doctors etc.


2)      Noma Dumezweni

I was very surprised to see that my beloved Hermione actually was in a few TV series, especially in one of my favourites, Doctor Who!

She played Captain Eriso Magambo, a UNIT officer in Donna Noble’s parallel universe. You can see her in the episodes „Turn left“ and „Planet of the dead“.

Other TV shows she was in are Shameless, EastEnders etc.


3)      Anthony Boyle

Anthony really didn’t do a lot before cursed child, but i found one VERY interesting TV appearance! He actually was in Game of Thrones! You can see him as one of Ramsay’s guards in season 4 episode 6, although i REALLY wouldn’t watch it if you are a big Scorpius fan! It broke my heart seeing him getting killied


4)      Sam Clemmett

 He wasn’t in a lot of things i know either, but i found out that he was in the British television show The Musketeers, that i watched a few episodes of! You can see Sam in season 3 episode 1.


I’m sure there are some more, but these are the most striking to me as these are some of my favourite TV series.