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My set up for recording session at Livingston Studios with Our Man In The Bronze Age;

In the chain we have (r-l); Solasound Tonebender MkIII, Fulltone Ultimate Octave, Blackout Effectors Musket, EHX Micro POG, 1776 Multiplex, Demeter Tremulator (Madbean), Boss TU-2.

Electrical Guitar Company DC Standard, Blackstar Series One 1046L6, Trace Elliot cab with Celestion Vintage 30s.


  • Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
  • Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl
  • Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Delay


All small mammalian life in the 5 mile radius has been extinguished.  Local aquifer has been transmogrified into gasoline. Small fissures in temporal reality have been discovered though out residence.


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“If you could make a dream pedalboard with only one of every type of…”

Wondering why the guys from blackouteffectors havent made you a special muzket by now ;p

I’m telling ya!!

I was bugging Ross for a while about making me a red Cadavernous. Maybe when my blog gets a bit bigger and the youtube channel jumpstarts they will listen to my pleas. I think a F##k Yeah Musket Fuzz is in order!

Can we make this a petition? I’d even pay them for it…


So I’ve been playing with two Musket Fuzzes...

I have my red musket and my suitemate’s black V2 Musket. The newer matte finish black and grey model. I can dial in the exact same damn tones on them. Was expecting a bit of variation. Pretty cool though. 

Anyways. I don’t need two so one is being sold. Message me if you’re interested in one. Selling the black one for $150 shipped and paypal’d. 

If you’re trying to get the Red one off of me, make me a reasonable offer because I’m not trying to sell that one. Ross said it himself it was one of their favorite off color Musket runs and I love that thing. 

anonymous asked:

jesus christ i just heard your demo of the musket fuzz through the sunn spectrum, sounds incredible, really incredible. what's the story with that pedal?

Thanks, Greyface! 

And it’s story is that it is a tweaked out russian big muff variant with a baxandall tone stack and it sounds brilliant. It’s also killer for leads and stuff. It’s very, very versatile. There is a very good reason I cherish that pedal and give it so much praise. It is my favorite fuzz of all time. 

Here is the video this greyface is talking about if anyone is interested.

anonymous asked:

So I got a musket, but I dunno if I'm happy enough with it. It doesn't sound... Overloaded? It doesn't have that bassy sag that I want a fuzz to have when I stack it with my OD. Any settings you can recommend? It just sounds hairy and like a high gain drive to me. I'm running it after my OD because when I run it before it just sounds broken and weird.

I run OD into mine as well. It actually tightens up up though and makes it more of a rhythm distortion when I run OD into it. That’s why I like it. 

The Musket is definitely not something that gets into sputtery overloaded madness, but the Mids control is hella powerful. So really massive Big Muff tones happen when you scoop that. Amps probably matter too because I hate it through some amps, but love it through other ones. 

It sounds alright with my Orange but super awesome through a Bassman or my Bandmaster. 

You can always run a clean boost after. A SHO clone cranked after one kills people and destroys their homes. hahaha

Also, I’m gonna play with my buddy’s really new one soon and compare them, because his sounds different than mine. I’ll either do a write up or post a video of that soon. 

so far this what i have + olympia fuzz.

Im looking for a new chorus & distortion; is there anything you can recommend ?

also your thoughts on a JC-120. I hate the Hot-Rod III that i have, so i;ve been thinking of replacing it with a jc120. 

My “Tone” is jazz clean with a shit ton of verb and lots of multi delays. 

Submitted by vhs-nightmares

Distortion is hard to recomment with a Twin Reverb, honestly. When I had my reissue and when I had my original 1965 I had a hard time loving distortion sounds with those amps. They tend to make them sound scooped, harsh, or both. Though the OCD is a pretty solid pedal, with a Jazzmaster I might recommend you grab a Fuzz like the Musket or Jupiter Fuzz. I loved the Jupiter into Christopher from Mansions Twin Reverb. And he was using a Jag. It really depends on the actual sounds you are after though. Dirt is hard to recommend. 

For chorus I would probably try a few, because there are super lush choruses, very digital sounding choruses, and everything in between and people prefer either for different reasons. 

For cheap I always love the DOD Ice Box Chorus. The Catalinbread Callisto Chorus rules. The EQD Sea Machine. On the upper end, the Cosmichorus. 

BUT, if you’re gonna scoop a JC120, use that chorus. Because it’s excellent. 

I had a Roland JC-120H. I should have never gotten rid of it but it was right at the beginning of my TRADE EVERYTHING EVER career. It was rare in that form and I didn’t even care back then. hah. 

But they are great amps, take pedals great, it’s solid state so there is slightly less maintenance involved. That and a Twin should be awesome in stereo. 

Hope this helped.