Day 13, Night Edition, Part II: Food Adventures at Hmart<3

Unfortunately, the restaurant that we wanted to try (Kimchi) just happens to be CLOSED on Mondays (like, how random is that?!) :( SO, we decided to wander a bit– and by a bit, I literally mean like 5 feet haha– and we ended up choosing another restaurant called Musiro Korean Cusine! :) It was super yummy and the hot soup was definitely a plus on this chilly night :)

Afterwards, the beautiful KR treated me to a Coffee Lover Waffle dessert at Cafe Brown Sugar. Can we just talk about how CUTE this cafe is?! Like, look at how adorable and romantic-y and quaint this place is! (Okies, maybe my pictures didn’t do such a great job of capturing this, but believe me, this place is seriously one of most adorable cafes I’ve ever been to!) AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE DELICIOUSNESS ON THAT PLATE?! It was so good– a crispy waffled topped with a variety of fruit, walnuts (?), and toffee flavored ice cream, yummm :)

KR is a wonderful date and I am so lucky to have had this dinner date with her <3 :) hehe