Zack and his friends made it in to the Battle of the Bands!

For whatever that’s worth. I think only ten bands tried out and four or five play.  They got in two year’s straight. Thanks for the ideas for a little more stage presence. Of course getting a teenage boy to listen to an idea from his mother without rolling his eyes is a whole ‘nother proposition. @fruitlissendeavor, from what at least a couple of these boys say, half the girls at the school do want them; it hasn’t translated at all into rock 'n’ roll attitude on stage.  But it will make next weekend more fun. It’s a bit to-do around here with tacos and t-shirts and lots of local folks we know.

We are home now

After being told they were going to admit him at 3:30 AM

And then remaining in the ER with minimal (and minimal is being generous) contact with the doc on duty until 6:30 AM

Mike and I discussed his diagnosis (which was finally well explained by a different ER doc) and the proposed care plan, and decided he would leave AMA

He is resting now and feeling much better


Well? Long story not as long …

Vegas was on our radar back in November of last year. Mike put his application in for the new location knowing his current GM was looking to go there as well

Unfortunately, his GM did not get Vegas, but was offered Portland. Mike’s GM is an AMAZING mentor and a huge supporter of Mike moving fast forward in his career. Because of this, Mike withdrew his Vegas paperwork and accepted a position in Portland to stay with his GM

Meanwhile, there were some revelations within the company and the GM who was originally given Vegas had it taken away … and Mike’s GM was offered the position

That was a week ago

Mike signed his offer letter for Vegas last night

This all happened really, REALLY quickly, and our move date has been bumped up from July 18th to June 20th, so things are going to be nothing short of chaotic for the next 60 days

Oh! And I have to tell my new boss. I’m hoping the move is a non-issue as the company I work for is entirely remote workers (there is no brick and mortar location), but we’ll see …