Babe in Business: Lone Wolves Vintage

Vintage shopping is not only rewarding but it allows you to own a garment with an unknown history. The possibility of what this history consists of, forces you to ponder the who, what, where, when, why and how of the previous owner. In addition to that, it is likely you’ll acquire one-of-a-kind threads that nobody else will have. Still not convinced? What if we told you that a shop exists that not only provides you with rare puzzle pieces from the past, but, also adds their own? 22-year-old Lois Gaskin-Barber shares with us how her insanely modern vintage shop Lone Wolves Vintage was brought to life, her artistic influences and ton of other priceless gems.

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BEAUTY + BRAINS | Musings of Krav founder Maricia Josephs dishes on mixing prints and patterns, her style evolution, and her awesome brainchild @Musingsof. Maricia answered a series of style questions in our interview with her, so we have a question for our followers.

STYLE QUESTION || What classic piece do you think everyone should have in their closet?

Visit to read Maricia’s interview and we want to hear what you think, comment below with the answer to our question. || written by (Christa, 18) @christamelonae #style #personalstyle #musingsofkrav

Treasure Fingers and BOSCO Give Us Something to Dance to With "Names"

People often refer to music as art and Bosco embodies everything, down to the very core, that art is. Her artistry is made up of hundreds of colors from pale yellows to cool blues to grassy greens, and the pictures she paints musically with those colors are limitless and breathtaking. 

The singer/producer and Atlantan premiered a new record in collaboration with powerhouse producer and DJ, Treasure Fingers. “Names” sets off all five senses and takes you on an odyssey–an everlasting melodious odyssey that is. Check it out the tune below, plus two equally pleasing remixes.

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