Beauty in a world full of hate

So I lost a follower because of the blackout. Do I care, no! However it just shows how much a simple peaceful movement that appreciates the beauty of a culture can arouse ignorance. For the 200 strong that are still following me, I love all the support you guys have shown my blog over the years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will support you guys in all your endeavors and I’ve got nothing but love on my end. To the newcomers, welcome, don’t be afraid to drop a message. To the veterans of my blog(s) stay tuned for more glorious posts!

I love you all and you all have taught me to smile again.


To people that I would usually talk to on or off tumblr, my apologizes but I have been extremely busy this past week seeing as it is Christmas! I didn't mean to cut you off unexpectedly but you have to understand that sometimes I need time to myself. I just needed some breathing room and I am not upset with anyone. Just clearing up some misunderstanding. :) Happy Holidays!
serious note.....i need some support

Thursday was a good day. I had a job interview at Barnes and Noble my family was fine, and there were no problems. Friday….my stepfather, who has alcoholic tendencies has one again put himself in the bed for the day. We just think its a hangover, but my mother tells me he has literally no memory of the last 9 days and doesn’t even remember dropping me off and pretty much happily obsessing over the fact that I will be having a job interview the previous day. He is shaking uncontrollably, and his face keeps swelling. 
This has dampened my mood quite a bit considering this is the man who has supported me and has been a father figure where my real dad hasn’t. He isn’t perfect….damn not even close…but he has been there through thick and thin since I was 7. Words of encouragement would be nice….we are taking him to the hospital and hopefully it will just be alcohol poisoning…nothing more…he is in fact a cancer survivor.Guys I post a lot of funny things and sometimes sexy things, but I’m a person…and I don’t ask for much. I just need some understanding words so I don’t overreact.