Golden child,
                                                      Lion boy;
                                       Tell me what it’s like to conquer.

                                                    Fearless child,
                                                      Broken boy;
                                        Tell me what it’s like to burn.

The Parable of the Poison Arrow

The Buddha refused to answer what are called the Fourteen Unanswered Questions also known as the “Unwise Reflections” which dealt with things such as is there life after death, is self the same as the soul and is the universe eternal? Many of his earlier followers left the Buddhist movement when he refused to answer. One such was the monk  Malunkya who threatened to leave Buddhism if the teacher did not answer. To which the Buddha told the following parable:

It’s just as if a man were wounded with an arrow thickly smeared with poison. His friends and kinsmen provide him with a surgeon, and the man says: 

‘I won’t have this arrow removed until I know whether the man who wounded me was a noble warrior, a priest, a merchant, or a worker.' 

He goes on  'I won’t have this arrow removed until I know the given name & clan name of the man who wounded me… until I know whether he was tall, medium, or short… until I know whether he was dark, ruddy-brown, or golden-colored… until I know his home village, town, or city… until I know whether the bow with which I was wounded was a long bow or a crossbow’

The man would die and those things would still remain unknown to him. 

–  Cula-Malunkyovada Sutta

                    ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ  trust a  sᴜʀᴠɪᴠᴏʀ
                                        —————  not until you find out
                                                            what they did
                                                            to  𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚢  𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎

Your own little world

What if there were a crazy person who lived in their own world? A simple world. This poor mad creature was impervious to the outside world. No matter what was happening outside the crazy person was safe and happy in their own private universe. So it’s gray and dreary outside? No matter. It’s a beautiful day in the universe of the mad. Maybe the dark threat of war flashes across the news screens on the outside but it is always peaceful in the inner world of the insane.

But wait a minute.

If the crazy person experiences only peace and contentment while we are troubled and afraid who then is crazy? Of course, it is impractical for us to hide away from reality in our minds. Yet, there is a lesson to be learned from our mad friend and that is our emotional calm is a matter of thought and if we can control thought we can be serene. 

Once our hearts are free from fear then we can begin to evolve to the next stage of human evolution: the awakened.

Movie Musings

// I just finished watching On Stranger Tides, ( what, you say? It’s taken you this long to watch it? Yeah, yeah. I’m behind, I know. ) and it sure was an odd instalment. For one, most of the ‘main’ characters were missing. Elizabeth? Will? The monkey? The whole of the Pearl’s crew we’d come to love? Those two redcoats? Pintel and Ragetti? Oh well. We got a lot of Barbossa, and I’m not complaining. Yet most of it isn’t even taking place on a ship, and that struck me as odd. 

You know, I’ve likely missed the boat, and this has all been extensively discussed and y’all have found reasons for it and everything. 

Good movie and all. But a bit of an odd deviation. 

Stoicism: an animated lesson

The Philosophy of Stoicism Animation (00:05:29)

What is the best life we can live? How can we cope with whatever the universe throws at us and keep thriving nonetheless? The ancient Greco-Roman philosophy of Stoicism explains that while we may not always have control over the events affecting us, we can have control over how we approach things. Massimo Pigliucci describes the philosophy of Stoicism.

“Vastayans, stop it. Shadows, drop that. Ninjas, be quiet. Must I come back over there and show you all how real Masters and Students – Vastayans and Humans – are to properly coexist with one another? Is it my responsibility to set everything right again? I can hear the downfall of my own country from here…”