Well-shaded portion of the trail by Richard O'Neill

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1. Favourite Quote?
 I can’t recite one off the top of my head that’s meaningful but the one that comes to mind was from Dr. Booneshaft, the conductor of honors band my sophomore year: “HORNS! I need this part to sound like 400 toilets flushing at once!”
2. What cheers you up?
Sunny (not hot) weather, shopping, listening to music, making music, animals, hiking, my boyfriend!!
3. Last google search?
ANTM judges cycle 24 (Don’t judge me I’m obsessed)
4. Favourite word?
My favorite is probably “stunning” but some runner ups are “solitude,” “luminescence,” and “Aurora”
5. Least favourite word? (And why?)
Pasty. It makes me want to vomit. (and of course f*aggot or the N word obviously)
6. Plans for the Summer?
Dates with my boyfriend before he leaves on a college business trip to Hungary for July, hiking, going to Phipps Conservatory, working probably, reading for my own pleasure, wandering around Pittsburgh (I love my city)
7. Favourite dessert?
I’m not too fond of super sweet food but if I had to choose it’d be warm brownies with vanilla icecream 
8. What do you do to relax?
Listen to music, play my flute, hike outside, yoga, read
9. Favourite stationery item?
Right now my Zebra mildliners ♥♥♥
10. What are you proud of?
Recently it’s just been getting through each day and week without having a mental breakdown. I’m super stressed with school and college rn
11. Something you look forward to?
GRADUATING. I can’t wait to leave high school and move on to bigger, better, new experiences and be surrounded by people who love to make music as much as I do.

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