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1. Favourite Quote?
 I can’t recite one off the top of my head that’s meaningful but the one that comes to mind was from Dr. Booneshaft, the conductor of honors band my sophomore year: “HORNS! I need this part to sound like 400 toilets flushing at once!”
2. What cheers you up?
Sunny (not hot) weather, shopping, listening to music, making music, animals, hiking, my boyfriend!!
3. Last google search?
ANTM judges cycle 24 (Don’t judge me I’m obsessed)
4. Favourite word?
My favorite is probably “stunning” but some runner ups are “solitude,” “luminescence,” and “Aurora”
5. Least favourite word? (And why?)
Pasty. It makes me want to vomit. (and of course f*aggot or the N word obviously)
6. Plans for the Summer?
Dates with my boyfriend before he leaves on a college business trip to Hungary for July, hiking, going to Phipps Conservatory, working probably, reading for my own pleasure, wandering around Pittsburgh (I love my city)
7. Favourite dessert?
I’m not too fond of super sweet food but if I had to choose it’d be warm brownies with vanilla icecream 
8. What do you do to relax?
Listen to music, play my flute, hike outside, yoga, read
9. Favourite stationery item?
Right now my Zebra mildliners ♥♥♥
10. What are you proud of?
Recently it’s just been getting through each day and week without having a mental breakdown. I’m super stressed with school and college rn
11. Something you look forward to?
GRADUATING. I can’t wait to leave high school and move on to bigger, better, new experiences and be surrounded by people who love to make music as much as I do.

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Let's start placing bets on who will be the best parents and the worst parents. I think Sammy and Bella will be the best, and McKenzie and Ethan as the worst. Your thoughts?

Mckenzie and Ethan? Seems like the boy is actually taking care of the baby meanwhile Mckenzie is way too busy fucking other boys. @mcknzwho @gomdethan

Bella and Sammy, I seriously wouldn’t mind seeing them as a couple they’re both sweet and mellow no wonder why it comes naturally for them. @bellamari @sammytheson

War Has A Cost || (Kenzie & Lily)

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It was the middle of the night. Lilith was bored, walking around the borders as she helped her patrol group. She was assigned to patrol with a few other people: her sister, Kenzie, Bella and some other people. But the evening was uneventful and the daughter of Eris was dying to stick her blades in something. Then she heard a scream. It sounded like Kenzie. She ran without a second thought towards the noise but when she came to the scene, she was too late and she felt her heart stop. There was a puddle of blood on the floor under her sister and a monster on top of her. A… chimera? Gods above, no. Nonetheless, it had hurt Kenzie. She screamed in anger and charged with her two blades. 

Lily fought like a demon, but the mythic monster was quickly overwhelming her. It had to be one of the most difficult creatures she had ever fought in her life. And then she heard a yell behind her. Was it help? For the first time in her life, the daughter of Eris was relieved to hear the voice of that uptight daughter of Poseidon as the other demigoddess charged down to help her. Between the two of them, the chimera barely stood a chance. It turned to dust in a matter of minutes. Lily ran to Kenzie desperately. “Don’t be dead, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.” She put a hand on her sister’s cheek and patted it gently. But, Gods, Kenzie’s arm… “Come on, Kenz, please.” Bella quickly bent down to inspect the damage, looking pale and frightened in the moonlight.

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I don't know if you've explained it already, what is Aiden's backstory, in full?

Okay, so this is likely to get long and complicated but hold with me…

Aiden’s birth mother was very young when she got pregnant, and really wasn’t in a good position herself. She initially fought very hard to keep Aiden, but as a teenager herself without a good support network she struggled. She had issues with drugs and alcohol, and this didn’t change after Aiden was born. She then got together with a new boyfriend (definitely not Aiden’s dad) and moved in with him, but he wasn’t altogether interested with Aiden - he wanted the girlfriend but the added family wasn’t really his thing. He didn’t treat Aiden’s mum well, there was a lot of wearing down - name calling and that sort of thing - and she wasn’t strong enough to tell him to take a fucking hike… Then at four months old Aiden had his first febrile convulsion and his mum panicked; she took him to Accident and Emergency because her first thought was that he’d ingested something harmful. From this point on Social Services got much more involved. They suggested Aiden be taken into temporary foster care until his mum could get herself clean and in a position where she was able to care for Aiden, but this also required her leaving the current boyfriend (as he was deemed a danger to baby Aiden). Instead of following their suggestions, Aiden’s mum decided that she would put Aiden up for adoption so he could have a better life. 

Aiden was taken into foster care and placed with an emergency carer at age 6 months as the process began to either get him an adoptive family, or a long term foster placement. He was moved twice to respite care situations before the Marshall family began fostering him with the view to adoption. 

Aiden was 18 months by the time the formal adoption process was completed, and he was a gift to Alison and Fraser - a couple who had been married 7 years but were childless due to an accident Alison had been in. Aiden’s first memories were happy ones - Alison and Fraser were the only parents he could really recall and they doted on him. When he was 4 they adopted a baby girl, Maggie and so he gained a sister, but Maggie had some more complex needs which required a lot more care. It was then that things began to go wrong:
Fraser lost his job and struggled to find another. Aiden used to remember the whispered arguments his parents would have, trying to hide the worry as they fell behind on the mortgage and other bills. And then Fraser would have a drink or two to forget that things were hard, and then those whispered arguments became louder and Aiden would sit at the top of the stairs and listen. But as time passed and no job turned up, two drinks became five, then six, then ten and Aiden barely saw his dad anymore. When his parents were in the same room together the tension would be horrific, his mum would be trying to encourage Fraser to try harder and find a job, and his response would be that he was trying - or to disappear off for a day or two and drink himself into a stupor. 

Just after Aiden turned 6, Fraser left. He said he was fed up of being nagged at - that this wasn’t what he’d signed up for and he needed space. Alison tried to carry on, but she struggled to cope with no money coming in, bills stacking up and two young children both who needed support, then eventually she crumbled. She handed Maggie and Aiden back into foster care, saying she’d gone into this as a couple and she just couldn’t do this on her own. This tore Aiden’s world apart… Here was the only person he called mum - the only person he remembered as his mum handing him away because she couldn’t cope. 

He was once again placed into temporary foster care, and split up from Maggie, which was yet another blow for him. During this period of time his seizures got a lot worse, and he was in and out of hospital nearly every week (due to the stress of so many sudden changes). 

While his social worker began the process of a potential new adoption or long term fostering (which is difficult because boys are much more difficult to place than girls), Aiden first ended up at a residential care school for three terms, before being moved to a children’s home where he stayed for the next four years. He had a few brief foster placements, but none of them really seemed to fit and he ended up back at the care home. 

It was in this children’s home that ten year old Aiden met six year old McKenzie and bonded with him instantly. If you hadn’t known them you would have actually thought they were blood brothers - Aiden looked out and protected McKenzie. Aiden spent a lot of this time trying to prove himself (he was relentlessly bullied for being gay and quiet), but he really cared about the younger kids and he would make sure that they didn’t get into trouble for things they hadn’t been responsible for. And this is what the Mitchell’s saw when they first visited. 

It took almost a year for Richard and Lucy to complete the formal adoption process for Aiden and McKenzie, and they spent a lot of that time with the boys encouraging them and growing them. Aiden was very nervous at the beginning because he didn’t want to end up being dumped again, but the more time he spent with them, the more he felt like they really cared about him and McKenzie, and this could be a real chance for him to be part of a family. 

Aiden’s adoption (and McKenzie’s) was approved just before Aiden turned twelve, and this is when life began to look up for Aiden. Lisa and Martin really cared about him, and although it took time, he grew to trust them as they supported him in every way they possibly could.

This got much much longer than I had anticipated, but this essentially is the basis of Aiden’s background!