musing: spencer

I think my favorite thing about Leverage is that Parker had possibly the hardest, most scarring childhood/past of anyone in the group (she was labeled “insane” at the beginning of episode 1) and yet she was able to overcome everything, including her insistence to work alone because she has finally found a group of people who she can work efficiently with. In the end, she’s with a group of people who truly care about her, and is an essentially functional member of society despite most likely being mentally ill.


You smirked as you looked at your best hand of cards all night “Alright Reid” you nodded placing your cards down on the table “Four aces” you grinned folding your arms. 

He chuckled as he placed his cards down “Royal flush” he smirked. You shook your head but couldn’t help but grin again. You slowly slipped your shirt over your head. You were now in your bra and jeans. You saw Reid bit his lip from the corner of your eye as he had already dealt your cards for the next round.

Imagine Spencer getting protective when the unsub flirts with you.

“I suggest you shut up before we lock you up without any sort of help. You’re here because you killed people. You’re not here to flirt with the people who’re locking you up.”

(Requested by leah-khaleesi)