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Things each sign notice about themselves

aries; they notice they can be a bit controlling

taurus; how they let people over step their boundaries and brush it off

gemini; they’re problematic

cancer; how much small situations can easily affect them

leo; they can be a bit over the top

virgo; how fast they shut people down from getting close to them in any form

libra; they avoid confrontation

scorpio; how bad their jealousy can get

sagittarius; they keep running away from their problems

capricorn; they’re very hard on themselves

aquarius; they’re unruly

pisces; they get caught too much into their fantasy world

** check your sun, mars and rising **

Stop being rude to Twice and their fans

VIXX might not have won on their anniversary, but Starlights, please remember to respect the other groups and their fans. I’m not talking about ALL Starlights, ok? CHILL. I meant the ones who are being rude to Twice and their fans because they beat VIXX. You didn’t like it when they talked crap about VIXX winning? Don’t be a hypocrite then. SIMPLE, REALLY. Don’t talk crap about them either. 

Also, VIXX may not have won that particular award, but hey who knows? They won the last time. They could win in the future. AND GUESS WHAT? THEY’RE ALWAYS OUR WINNERS, REMEMBER? No matter what happens, VIXX wins in our hearts, right? What’s important is that we continue to show unending love and support from them. VIXX might be upset, and I’m sure we are too, but that doesn’t give us the right to talk crap about others. That just makes the whole fandom look bad, don’t you think? Instead, why don’t we just focus on congratulating Twice, continue to support and cheer for VIXX and do our best for future wins? Sounds ok? GOOD.

What happened to Starlights being the chill, respectful fandom? Try to remember that our fandom somehow also has an impact on how others view VIXX. It may be a small thing, but there is an impact nonetheless.

The same goes for every other fandom. Whether we’re talking about Exo, Twice, BTS or whatever, it’s important to respect these artists and their fans/fandoms. You’re better than that, Starlights. We’re not rude bashers. We’re not people who talk crap about others. We’re supposed to be a fandom that supports others just as we support and love our faves.

REALLY. It might get out of hand. 

Silk [VIXX, Leo]

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Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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Los signos que se...:v (gran final u.u)

los signos que se comen una hamburguesa GIGANTE y pide una soda de dieta y dice “solo uno porque estoy a dieta :v” : TAURO, LEO, CANCER, GEMINIS

Los signos que se pasan en la calle y llegan a sus casas alrededor de las 9:00 de la noche y llegan borrachos :v : ESCORPIO, SAGITARIO,  ARIES, VIRGO (surprise bitches?)

Los signos que se pasan limpiando todo el dia TODA su casa porque le tiene miedo a los germenes :v : ACUARIO, CAPRICORNIO, LIBRA.

El signo que le gusta imaginar unicornios :v : PISCIS!!!!!

espero que les haya gustado … bueno esto es lo que cree para entretenerlos :3

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goku esta presente :3 xDxDxD