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Merry Christmas to you all from all these assassin dorks in Christmas sweaters!!!! I wish you guys will enjoy your Christmas and your holiday break hehe :D And thank you for this awesome year!!!

Who the signs are most attracted to

Aries - leo, gemini, libra

Taurus - capricorn, scorpio, cancer

Gemini - aquarius, libra, aries

Cancer - scorpio, virgo, taurus

Leo - leo, aries, sagittarius

Virgo - pisces, taurus, capricorn

Libra - aquarius, gemini, sagittarius

Scorpio - capricorn, pisces, cancer

Sagittarius - leo, aries, aquarius

Capricorn - capricorn, taurus, virgo

Aquarius - leo, sagittarius, libra

Pisces - scorpio, cancer, capricorn

Leo, this ghost youโ€™ve nicknamed terror is really called courage.

Virgo, you do not have to be liked to be powerful.

Aquarius, nothing is infinite unless you make it so.

Pieces, lay waste to the versions of yourself living in other peopleโ€™s heads.

Libra, one day you will forget what it was to hurt like this.

Sagittarius, you do not need any excuses to love.

Taurus, you are the beautiful stranger that people tell their children about.

Capricorn, you deserve the light that is coming to you.

Gemini, your heart is a riptide.

Cancer, it does not have to speak your language to be beautiful.

Aries, sometimes getting out of bed is the strongest thing you can do.

Scorpio, let yourself close this chapter without regret.

—  topaz winters // little horoscopes for september

This is a vine of Ravi pinching Leo’s ass.


cool things about the signs
  • Aries: really outgoing actually
  • Taurus: don't take shit from anyone and you have a very high tolerance with annoying people so kudos
  • Gemini: weird as hell but it's a good weird that makes people laugh
  • Cancer: very, very empathetic towards others and are very in touch with their feelings (don't worry that's a good thing)
  • Leo: overall kick ass queens, keep doing you
  • Virgo: really cool friend who will always be there for you
  • Libra: real as hell and really nice
  • Scorpio: always gets called the ass hats of the zodiac but are actually goofy sweethearts
  • Sagittarius: fun and hilarious as hell dude
  • Capricorn: smart as hell and really loyal
  • Aquarius: very responsible, kind and overall chill people
  • Pisces: understand as fuck man and will listen to your stories always, really nice.

leo is the purest essence of creative activity. when meister eckhart was asked ‘what does god do all day?’ he said ‘god gives birth. god is creating the whole universe at this present moment’. and this is the sort of continual effusion of leo, they are always creating, physically, artistically, they play with thoughts creatively. this gives leo the ability to creatively manifest their world, their thoughts can really come true, they really have this power, and they have often recognised this ability but found it difficult to put their finger on

every word pisces speaks can be a prayer. and their silence can also be a prayer, because this is when god speaks through them. they do the work of god in everyday life, they are the clothes god decided to wear. very often they step into the images of their own imagination. they can be a mystic splendour, so long as they don’t become immersed in their own confusion