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VIXX REACTION:  their partner pulls a muscle

Vixx reaction to their s/o pulling a muscle? Thank you /o/


Hakyeon would hold you while the doctor checked over you, making sure nothing was broken. “We’re almost done. You’re so brave,” he’d whisper repeatedly into your ear. When the doctor confirmed you that it was a sprain instead of a break, he’d relax slightly, but begin planning his care routine. 

Once you were bandaged up, he’d help you walk out to the car, arms wrapped tightly around you to keep you from putting pressure on your ankle. His hand would stay in yours until you were home, where he’ll go full mum mode.  


Taekwoon would get upset watching as you squirmed in pain as your wrist was examined. He’d try getting close to comfort you, but would be pushed away by the staff. Once they finally left the room to get a bandage, he rushed to you and showered you in kisses. “We’ll be home soon. I’ll make you feel better,” he promised. 

He’d be able to hold your hand while you were bandaged, giving it a supporting squeeze each time you whimpered. Once you were home, he’d sit you on the sofa, wrap you in a blanket, and not let you move while he did everything.


Jaehwan would be escorted out of the room by a nurse to calm down. Seeing you write in pain while you were examined was too much for him, and he ended up crying more than you. When your leg was wrapped and you were given crutches, the nurse would lead you to where your boyfriend was. “Are you okay now?” you asked with a giggle as you approached him, making his eyes widen. “You shouldn’t be walking!” he jumped up from his seat and cupped your face. “I’m fine,” you murmured, leaning into the warmth. 

At home, he’d make for not being able to comfort you while you were getting checked out. He’d put you in your pyjamas, lay you in bed, and pamper you with your favourite food, movies and cuddles. 


Wonsik would listen to everything the doctor said while explaining why you had an agonising pain in your back. He’d nod and try his best to remember what kind of stretches, teas, and other things that would help with the pain, and speed up your recovery. He’d be confused as to some of the suggested methods, but he’d try anything to get you out of pain.

He pushed your wheelchair out to the car and slowly helped you to sit as comfortable as possible. At home, he’d create a nest of pillows and blankets for you to settle in. He’d press kisses all over your face before going to make you the tea that was suggested. “That smells like urine…” you pouted when the mug was handed to you. “It does… But the doctor said it would help you relax…”  


Hongbin’s hand would never leave yours as your foot was examined. He’d lean to kiss your cheek everytime you whimpered in pain. “You’re doing well,” he breathed, stroking your back. Like Wonsik, he’d be confused by all of the remedies that would help soothe you. 

Once you were discharged, he’d walk behind you, ready to stabilise you if you wobble, or help you if you struggle with walking with the crutches. At home, he’d curl up with you on the sofa, stroking your back to comfort you.  


Sanghyuk would try his best to distract you as you were examined. “Y/N! Over here!” he’d grin, making you look away from the doctor as they pressed over your wrist to feel for any break. He’d pull faces, make noises, and even dance to make you smile. As soon as the doctor moved he’d move to wrap his arms around you. “You did so well,” he whispered, kissing your temple. 

He watched as you were wrapped up then walked with you to the car. “Do you want to go have cake and coffee for being brave?” he asked with a smirk, leaning to kiss your head. “I do.”

He spend the rest of the day feeding you up on cake to keep your spirits up.

Fire Signs

Confident, Impatient, Courageous and Short-tempered

Aries are always the first in everything like work to social events! It is in Aries nature to take action, but they can be very impulsive. They are organised, when challenged they easily show their impatience, aggressiveness and they vent their anger towards other people. People born under this sign have very strong personalities, they are strong and never afraid to take a risk. Sometimes Aries can be quite selfish but are very caring. When in love they have no shame, they will let you know! very passionate and can be overly affectionate to their partner.

Generous, Arrogant, Cheerful and Stubborn

Leos are natural born leaders. They are very dramatic, self-absorbed and confident. Leos have a admirable self confidence about them which makes it easy for them to make friends.They are generous and loyal, with a good sense of humour. Leos are warmhearted, always up for a laugh and a good time. Good at solving problems, they are always looking for growth in ego. However, when looking for growth they may neglect the need of others. They show how they feel with ease and aren’t afraid to do so. Within a relationship they would happily take leadership, they are fun, loyal and respectful. They may tire their partners out! Can be quite self-absorbed at times.

Idealistic, Impatient, Funny and Blunt

Sagittarians are very open-minded, but also may be slightly judgmental. They handle change well, they are optimistic and enthusiastic. Sagittarians are able to make their thoughts into actions and are very good at achieving their goals. They possess a great sense of humour! They are extremely funny. However, they are brutally honest, which may result in them becoming impatient and tactless when speaking/doing.They also respect honesty and seek out the truth. They are clear thinkers and always look at the bigger picture and like it when others agree with their well-thought-out view. However, they can become quite argumentative and blunt. Sagittarians at times do not think about the weight of their words, which can upset others. High-spirited, hard-headed and enjoy a good time. In love, Sagittarians are very playful, humourous, expressive and very open!

The signs drinking their favourite beverage
  • Aries: *sculls it down without a second of hesitation*
  • Taurus: I am going to admire the smell/presentation of this beverage before I let it gracefully seep into my body.
  • Gemini: *Drinks beverage whilst also writing an in-depth thesis on beverage*
  • Cancer: *finishes drink* amen to that.
  • Leo: Before we start the meeting I'd like to say that from now on this day is favourite beverage day and all you have to do is enjoy the beverage and preach about it to customers. Thank you.
  • Virgo: Is this the healthiest lifestyle for me? Physically... no, but mentally.... yes!
  • Libra: Yes if you bought this drink for me on a daily basis we could possibly be lovers.
  • Scorpio: GET IN MA BELLY!
  • Sagittarius: I have travelled many days in order to hold you and drink the splendours that you carry.
  • Capricorn: *holds up finger to anybody who tries to interrupt the moment*
  • Aquarius: *Cries tears of joy*
  • Pisces: My first spiritual experience was when I first came into contact with this beverage.
the signs as aesthetics

aries - dirty high tops, varsity jackets, sunrises, graffiti, pins and patches, lightning, live concerts, wide grins, lollipops, skinny jeans, matches, the moment before the drop on a roller coaster

taurus - flower crowns, oversized sweaters, mom jeans, mugs, leather, log fires, sunlight peeking through the window, leaves, succulents, journals, sleeping in on the weekends, messy buns

gemini - bright eyes, bicycles, overalls, new friends, art museums, iced coffee, infectious laughter, pastel colors, bubblegum, new books, speakers, yellow highlighter, singing in the shower

cancer - the beach, hair blowing in the wind, bath bombs, conch shells, balloons, the moon, soft serve, the sound of raindrops against the window, knee high socks, running barefoot, inspirational quotes

leo - gold stars, sparklers, mascara, romantic poetry, mirrors, sunflowers, running through a meadow, glitter, fairy lights, hot baths, monarch butterflies, sunny days, bright eyeshadow

virgo - french braids, calligraphy, bookstores, collared shirts, to-do lists, teacups, watercolors, mason jars, dainty hands, cuffed pants, fresh linens, classic literature, potted plants, bullet journals, clear aviators

libra - cotton candy clouds, bubble baths, cherry blossoms, lace, lip gloss, ferris wheels, gentle eyes, holding hands, pink lemonade, candy hearts, novels, birds chirping, strawberries, vintage cars

scorpio - sunsets, midnight conversations, driving on an empty highway, listening to the radio, rainy days, crescent moon, tv static, all-nighters, white sheets, the ocean

sagittarius - road trips, beanies, doodling, maps, getting lost, stargazing, forests, fireflies, polaroids, cameras, paint-stained jeans, light bulbs, messy ponytails, traveling the world

capricorn - architecture, silhouettes, sheet music, mountains, old books, coffee shops, high ceilings, history museums, skylines, nude lipstick, spiral staircases, neat handwriting, cobblestone

aquarius - combat boots, neon signs, geodes, starry skies, pool water, song lyrics, bulky headphones, space, telescopes, multi-colored fairy lights, smoke, activism, 24-hour gas stations, dyed hair

pisces - daydreaming, umbrellas, finger paint, sketchbooks, getting lost in your thoughts, ice cream trucks, earphones, leggings, sweatshirts, paint chips, swing sets, daisies, milkshakes, bubbles, scented candles

Aries: you’re faking happiness, again. With that big smile that I don’t believe in, even when you smile you want to cry. Don’t lie to me, I can hear it in your voice when you’re sad. You may fake your happiness but you’re unhappy in general because you keep trying to please everyone even when you say you don’t care what anyone thinks anymore.

Taurus: you’re forgetting to take care of yourself, you’re forgetting to stop and smell the flowers. You’re forgetting yourself because there are millions of other people who need help, but hey. Save the world: start with yourself.

Gemini: stop trying to please everyone and then go along with their plans like someone blinded you. You have your own opinions, plans. Use your voice, live. Communicate with everyone and show them what you’re good at because love, you’re burning out.

Cancer: the stars shine for you again, you’re in such a contradict with yourself and your mind. You’re stuck in a spiderweb, speaking words of dust and cobwebs. I’m afraid I can’t save you, the spider’s dead. Save yourself because last time I looked in your eyes and I lost everything, I lost everything.

Leo: call that friend you’ve been forgetting, they’re missing you. People need you more than you realize. People miss you when you don’t talk to them just like you miss them. Don’t put yourself down love.

Virgo: I always forget the coldness of your hands but I swear that when I touch you my fingers split open with pain. Something so painful is yet so beautiful. And I always dreamed of fairtytales until I saw your face and was reminded that they’re not real. They’re not real; but you’re pretty damn close.

Libra: the jewelry around your neck doesn’t make me wander me from your fake smile and glossy eyes. You’re strong, but you’ve been over this path of glass one too many times and the shards always make you bleed. I know familiarity is important for you but why don’t you try the path with warm sand instead? You keep making yourself bleed.

Scorpio: you won’t find yourself or your confidence when you keep hiding your face under the lid of your hoodie darling. You’re beautiful, dare to be brave, open. Shock them all with your contagious smile. They don’t need to understand, happiness is not understandable. It’s beautiful, like you. Be your unpredictable self.

Sagittarius: the moon slips ink down your throat and you keep choking on the lies you tell to keep yourself save. I have an adventure for you and it starts at the top of your personality and ends and your lifeline: seek your heartbeat, find your faith.

Capricorn: for the last time, you’re more important than you think you are. You’re worth more than they’ll ever know. There’s not much to say, the seas are spotted red and your eyes always end up getting lost in it at the end of the night. It’s alright because for the thousandth time, there’s someone by your side.

Aquarius: the unfamiliarity of the sunset that lights fires in your heart may be a welcome surprise but your hands are still cold and winter is about to make things a whole lot more chilly. Find a home, you’re save when you’re there.

Pisces: you’re making mistakes I don’t understand but I am not the one to judge for I don’t know the things in your head. And I will try my best and say I do the best that I can but I can’t defend your actions, you’re too special to go down for this.