So insane running into my boy @craighenningsen in Phoenix Airport on the way to #NYC for my @taylorguitars #musiczoo gig on Saturday! @spideyonbway for LIFE! #Spiderman #spideyonbway (at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)


Shout out to my big brother finna bless yall wit this #NWO #GEGANGOVEREVERYTHANG #GEGANG #musiczoo


What happens backstage shouldn’t stay backstage, right? #secretsofthemaster #roslyn #musiczoo #beatles #johndaversa

"I’m not myself
When you’re away
And don’t sleep at night
I drag through the day
I can’t put it in gear
I wish you were here
Oh baby please come home again

What can I say?
Oh what did I do?
Is there something you thought I’d
Withhold from you
Help me to see
Explain it to me
But baby please come home again”

{Heard these lyrics and they hit way too close to home}