Last night I got to be a part of the crowd and watch my favorite band of all time play the songs I feel in love with 10+ years ago. I could not be more grateful to share my first time seeing Saosin with everyone in attendance. What you did for me last night will never be forgotten or lost. Everywhere I went with Saosin I made sure that people knew… I am from San Diego. The roles got reversed last night and you put me on your shoulders and gave me the best honor I could have ever asked for. I felt the love and appreciation of every kid who’s life I changed with the songs I am so blessed to say I was a part of. I felt the appreciation from every person I ever stood outside a venue with and talked to. Thank you so much for the love and support you have shown me throughout the years. @anthonygreen666 you are my hero. Thank you for being one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met. It is a privilege to call you friend. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be tied to for the rest of my life. To Alex, Justin, Chris and Beau thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of Saosin. I will always love you guys with all my heart. #Saosin #SanDiego #MyCity #MyHomeTown #MusicWorship


#fbf TSOAF playing probably my favorite song last spring in Boston. Circa Survive is playing Clifton Park next week so hit me up. #MusicWorship @anthonygreen666

Very sweet setup from #worshipdrummer @dylanwalshdrums. Thx for sharing bro. 
Here’s my rig for tonights gig at Small’s. After a short hiatus I went back to @remopercussion Emperors on my toms. I dug the CS dots but I couldn’t stay away from the coated emps. They just sound perfect to my ears. #drums #drumming #musicworship p.s. the lighting in this room looks crazy on my cymbals.

Nouvel article #videodelasemaine sur mon #blogwordpress avec mon groupe préféré #thrice !!!
Enjoy ;)

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Brand new was amazing. Full video in description. #brother #brandnew #brandnewrock #music #musicworship


Morning writings. #musicworship #perfectyourcraft #acoustic

I’ve grown up surrounded by music all my life and it may quite possibly the only thing I could imagine myself doing for the rest of eternity.. or until I die, whichever comes first. Since I could remember my dad would strum chords on his Ovation around the house, sending notes bouncing off the walls, echoing in swells as I sat enraptured in his voice. It was soon after that I started on private Piano Lessons then quickly moved onto teaching myself how to play various different instruments ranging from Ukulele to Tuba. Yet as much influence as my father had on my musical being I never truly became serious about music until the first time I heard Anthony Green. I was overwhelmed by his passionate lyrics and intoxicated with his versatility in voice and songwriting so somehow I was going to pursue this. Before much time passed I had a band, I was writing my own lyrics, my own songs. Music is what I breathe, music is always on my mind. It’s kept me alive, essentially through recent years of my life. I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life but I don’t think I’d be half as captivated by music if I hadn't fallen for that first, beautiful chord and the line of lyrics, “Close Your Eyes to See”.

Now, I’m only eighteen and as much as I've been around to experience, I’m sure there are countless memories to make ahead. Love is one thing that I have yet to understand fully; the extent of love, or it’s validity is unknown to me. I’ve been thrown aside by those I trust, lost many good friends whom I’ve cared for (maybe too much.)  I’ve seen love severed in two as my father walks away from my mother after twenty-five years and I’ve had to let go of someone who I truly loved in the hopes that I would no longer hurt emotionally anymore. I suppose love doesn’t always work out, but I do know this: 1. Love is good 2. Love is beautiful 3. Love is a cure for many discomforts. So I smile on the new sun every morning because I know now that I have the power to change the outlook of something that seems horrible. That I have the power to love and care for others in hopes that it makes their day that much better. I have the power to love my enemies and make beautiful relationships, because there’s too much hate in this world and a lot of us cannot see this. You don’t really know anyone, and a smile can do so much on someone’s “off day” and that is why I feel that the answer is so simple, it begins with just a mindset. Anthony gave me music which has helped me deal with life as it is on my own, as well as the most important quote of my life, that you must be open to love so that you may understand it to the best of your ability and pass that warmness onto another. All you have to do is close your eyes to see, then you are blind only by vision, and love is equal.

I’ve seen Circa 3 times already but this concert really changed the appreciation I have for Anthony and the band. Everything from the meet and greet to the final song absolutely blew me away. It hit me right in the feels. Thanks for having us! #MusicWorship

Happy birthday to Circa’s third album 又. Greatest song off this one for me has to be ‘Dyed in the Wool (Safe Camp Sessions)’ 'The longer it takes the more it goes to waste I want to believe you but I can’t feel a thing
The more that you get the less you are’ @circasurvive @esao @anthonygreen666 @nickcirca @brendanxtrom @colincirca @stephenclifford
#circasurvive #blueskynoise #anthonygreen #musicworship #safecamp (at Frozen Creek)

Hey guys! My band, @RYEMusic is excited to announce that we’ll be playing with @farewellmylove, @famouslastwordsband, @theheartwood, and @itlivesitbreathes at #Malones in #SantaAna on May 24th!!
We have tickets available for $10!!! See you guys there!
#FarewellMyLove #FamousLastWords #Sycamour #ItLivesItBreathes #ReinventingYourExit #ToursFromTheCrypt #SantaAna #InVogue #InVogueRecords #HopelessRecords #musicworship #everybodygiggin (at Malones Concert Venue)