I just had this idea in my head. I felt it should be written down.

“It’s like… my whole life, the people I’ve always cared about the most, they’re the ones who hurt me the worst, every time.” Dustin’s voice was quiet, and as he spoke he could feel a small lump forming in his throat. “When they left, it’s like they’d take a piece of my hear with ‘em. They’d take it and just run off, like it meant nothing to them, like they didn’t even care.”

Dustin shook his head, pulling on the short strands of hair at the very top of his head. His eyes were tired, slightly glassy as he gazed off at the floor.

“And Jessica had the last piece. The very last piece. And I thought — I thought she’d keep it safe, you know? I thought she’d keep it and rebuild it and I’d finally—” Dustin broke off, licking his dry lips. “She stole the very last piece of me and now it’s like I’m just nothing. I’m empty.” Dustin’s chin trembled, tears burning the back of his eyes. “My heart’s gone.”

There was a tight ache in Megan’s chest, a pained expression on her face as she watched Dustin. She reached out, taking the hand that was resting on his lap. She laid her palm over the back of his hand, squeezing his fingers and giving him a soft smile as he turned his head to look at her.

“You can have mine,” she said, voice breaking slightly as she shrugged, attempting a small smile.

Dustin’s eyebrows pressed together a miniscule amount, his eyes studying her for a long, quiet moment. Without warning he leaned forward, stubble brushing her chin as he kissed her.

Time for bed

I’ve had a pretty good night. Went to the choir concert and that went pretty well. I GOT TO SEE MEGAN AND JOSH AGAIN TOO! It was amazing. I miss seeing their faces. There was this guy who looked like House too. He distracted me when we did the Hallelujah Chorus where we get anyone in the audience to come and sing a song with us. Plus I had milkshakes afterwards! So yeah, had a good night.