real talk… this music video blends comedy into five different upsetting backstories so well. like, we can empathize and feel bad for all the characters but also step back and laugh at it a little bit. and i think the video does a beautiful job completely making fun of “what it takes to be a man” by following different characters who care so much about their masculinity and their pride that it eventually leads to their downfall. part of the reason that’s so special is because if you’re just an average listener and don’t know brandon’s intentions behind the song, it can certainly come off as arrogant. but everything about the video completely goes against that


#avantgarde #musicvid with Derek @dpristou
#michaeldownsvideo #thelook #studioproduction #calvinklein #allamerican #derekpbookproject2017 (at Saint Petersburg, Florida)

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“Confidence” | Rory/Dean

song by Teddy Geiger; vid by Chlarkent