BTS As Boyfriends (Based on Astrology) - Hyung Line

warning: large amounts of fluff ahead

Maknae Line version here


  • the fun boyfriend
  • sagitariuses are the free spirits in the zodiac
  • they crave excitement and fun in every aspect of their lives
  • he’d take u to somewhere new every date
  • to the movies, amusement parks, concerts, and more
  • loves the outdoors and nature 
  • so lots of scenic camping dates by a pretty lake
  • traveling around the world together
  • one month you’d be exploring jeju island
  • and another backpacking across europe
  • never a dull moment
  • wants to do everything with u 
  • sagittariuses love learning new things 
  • listens to everything u have to say
  • deep philosophical conversations about politics or world peace
  • would take you to those couple salsa dancing classes and embarrass both of u
  • very honest and open
  • so there’d be no secrets or misunderstandings
  • likes his independence and wants a partner who trusts him 100%
  • his capricorn venus makes him a classic gentleman
  • who treats his partner like royalty
  • he’ll take a while to confess his true feelings
  • but once he does there no question that he’s yours
  • very devoted 
  • invites u to formal events and shows u off to all his friends
  • shows his love through big gestures
  • like buying u a gigantic teddy bear 
  • or sending 10 rose bouquets to ur work
  • surprises u with gorgeous dresses and lingerie
  • takes u out to fancy restaurants
  • and when u get worried about the price tags he just smiles and reminds u that he’s The Kim Seokjin, son of a CEO and owner of BigHit, he’ll take care of everything
  • but it wouldn’t always be about going out
  • loves to spend time with u at home to cuddle and unwind
  • and make u laugh endlessly
  • knows exactly how to cheer u up when ur down
  • honestly the ideal guy 
  • an actual prince charming

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  • the soft boyfriend
  • when he falls in love he falls in love hard

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anonymous asked:

what's your process for creating/designing your material? how do you get the images looking so nice and similar to the handbooks?

Thank you for the ask! I have a post on how I make my monsters, here. I use a somewhat similar process for magic items, and make my races using Musicus homebrew’s guide. 

Overall, it can be summed up in a process of coming up with an idea, figuring out what I want it to do and what other uses it should have, drafting a stat block, playtesting, and rinsing and repeating if I don’t get the desired results (though sometimes it is necessary to tweak the concept rather than the statistics). 

For example, with my Pyr Hag, my initial idea was for a desert-themed hag. I wanted it to be one of the tougher hags, like the two in Volo’s Guide, so I geared it towards a medium CR and gave it some powerful spellcasting. It didn’t exactly seem like a melee fighter (hags don’t seem to prefer hack-and-slash), so I left its close-range attacks pretty plain. It isn’t even supposed to be a creature that is fought, necessarily, because of the nature of hags. Originally, she also had the spell Earthquake and the ability to teleport. It was a bit much, so I later removed them.

As for formatting, I use the resources from this post, though I only have the background, borders, margins, and brushes. Because of this, I only use them to make monsters and races (though I make stat blocks in Genius Inc’s monster maker). 

This is what my monsters look like before I get them their own fancy pages:

My foraging guides and magic items are made with the Homebrewery and edited in photoshop afterwards. 

Hopefully this answered your questions! 

10 songs that have been my jam

Okay, a while ago @canis-lupus-musicus tagged me in a post to list ten songs that have been my jam recently. Sorry it took so long but here it is! It looks long but I couldn’t figure out how to make the title a link from mobile so above is the YouTube link and the title, artist, and genre are below.


Three Day Suckers - Buddy Rich (Jazz)


Magician (suture) - Milo (Hiphop/rap)


Sunlight - From Indian Lakes (alternative rock)


Torches Together - Mewithoutyou (emo rock)


Standing on the shore - Empire of the Sun (electronic pop)


Lions - Team Callahan (surf/ country rock)


Life of the Party - Matt & Toby (alternative rock)


No Light - Meat Wave (punk)


Alive - Kings Kaleidoscope (hiphop/rap)


Higher Throne - Kings Kaleidoscope (Alternative devotional)

What are you listening too? I love finding new music and want to know what everyone else listens listens too!

Siblings AU! Mark
  • so bby mark is your younger brother cuz i mean why not??
  • i mean c’mon he’ll be the cutest thing ever
  • imagine bby mark with his cute little chubby cheeks and his little awkward but incredible cute smile
  • !!!!!
  • idk about u but i die every time i see mark’s fetus pics
  • so he’s ur bby brother and u love him with all ur heart 
  • ur hella proud of him
  • that time he wrote his name as “marc” instead of “mark” in sixth grade??
  • the time he ruined his little solo during his choir performance??
  • that one time he got lost while walking home, even though EVEN THOUGH the school was literally three blocks aways from home??? 
  • hella PROUD
  • soooo back when u guys were little, there was these group of mean kids who like to picked on the other kids on the block
  • they wouldn’t mess with u cuz u were older, and also lowkey highkey scary
  • but they thought that messing with mark would be fun,, kids these days ¬_¬
  • so yeah they would say some nasty stuff to mark like
  • “ give us ur lunch dumbhead” or smth 
  • and mark would be like “???? did ur mom not pack u lunch??”
  • and then he would give them his lunch and the few coins that he had with him cuz he didn’t want his “friends” starving 
  • they would also play “rough” with him, they would throw the ball super hard and aiming to his head 
  • but mark would’t complain but instead be like
  • “woahh, that so cool, ur so strong””
  • but one of his actual good friends told u about these mean dudes
  • and boi were u fired up, u were about to jump on these kids
  • so u very kindly, very nicely went up to them and told them to leave mark the fuck alone
  • or else u would bite their arms off lmao (what do kids say??)
  • the kids were hella scared and left mark alone after that 
  • but u still had look out for bullies,, bc mark was so pure and naive that he wouldnt’ even notice that he was being bullied
  • and u were known to be THE scariest kid on the block,, only when ppl would mess with mark tho other than taht u were pretty chill and friendly
  • so mark had a ton of friends cuz he’s mark lee the legend, the one and only, u cannot meet this child and not like him.
  • which meant that he also had a lot of girls crushing on him
  • “yo mark i heard u got a love letter today (¬‿¬)“
  • “umm m-me?? le-letter?? no?? u must be lost
  • yes u did, ur friend told me”
  • “hahahaha no hahahhaha i didn’t get anything hahaha” **sweats nervously**
  • “uhh hahaha then what’s this???” 
  • “ uuuhHHHHH”
  • “mom!!! mark has a girlfriend!!! lol,, my lil bro has a girlfriend”
  • “is she pretty? is she nice?”
  • “umm y-yes”
  • “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
  • “but i only want to be friends”
  • lol,, u would tease the crap out of this child,, like heachan who??? donghyuck who???
  • but going back to protecting this child,,, u would also have to protect him from himself istg this child was dangerous alone
  • he was the clumsiest kid 
  • he would burn his tongue with the soup, he would stab his hand with a fork like ??? but also !!!!,, he would trip with his own feet etc..
  • and since u were with him most of the time u would always have like bandages and band aids with u with dinosaur drawings cuz they’re cool
  • u were legit his second mom,, and also a semi-doctor
  • and he looked up to you a lot,, u also were kind of the reason why he got into music
  • u taught him how to play the guitar and u were also the one who told him to audition to sm
  • like u had to drag him to the audition cuz he wasn’t confident about himself and talent
  • “MARK U HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT,, sm is gonna hold auditions here in vancouver!! u have to go”
  • “ me?? i dont think i could get in tho??”
  • “u kidding right?? boi ur totally gonna make it c’mon u have to go”
  • and when he got into sm, u were SO proud of him

so yeah, im gonna stop it right here cuz this is too long already lol. i’ll probably write a second part later,, anyways, i hoped u guys liked it, i hope u enjoyed reading it :) AND ALSO MARK’S TEASER CAME OUT TODAY AND BESTA BELIEVE MY SOUL IS GONE!! his teaser pictures??? actual gold??? i cant waitt for the other guys’ teasers to come out algjosagos !!! anyways yeah support my dream babies :)

BWV 17 - Wer Dank opfert, der preiset mich - 1
J.S. Bach
BWV 17 - Wer Dank opfert, der preiset mich - 1

This Sunday’s Bach Cantata -  14th Sunday after Trinity  

BWV 17 - Wer Dank opfert, der preiset mich - 1. chorus 

Wiener Sängerknaben & Chorus Viennensis - Hans Gillesberger
Concentus musicus Wien - Nikolaus Harnoncourt  

He who offers thanks praises Me, and that is the way
that I show him the grace of God.

I was tagged by @simplehumankindness to list ten songs I’m really into right now

1. Special Affair - The Internet

2. Decisions - Taylor Mcferrin

3. Goose - Polyphia

4. Your colors your feelings - Story of hope

5. Vultures and Sharks - Oceans Ate Alaska

6. Divine Right of Kings - Ingested

7. Wretchedness - Messenger of the Covenant 

8. Margidda - Rings of Saturn

9. Clairvoyance - Vitalism

10. Survival - Extermination Dismemberment

i’ll tag @dooptown @canis-lupus-musicus @kohai-complex @chull00

Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen - O Lamm Gottes unschuldig
Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen - O Lamm Gottes unschuldig

Bach, Matthaus Passion : Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen - O Lamm Gottes unschuldig

Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Arnold Schoenberg Chor


Chorus I
—Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen, sehet
Chorus II
Chorus I
—Den Bräutigam, seht ihn
Chorus II
Chorus I
—Als wie ein Lamm!

O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig
Am Stamm des Kreuzes geschlachtet,
Sehet,—Was?—seht die Geduld,
Allzeit erfunden geduldig,
Wiewohl du warest verachtet
Seht—Wohin?—auf unsre Schuld;
All Sünd hast du getragen,
Sonst müßten wir verzagen
Sehet ihn aus Lieb und Huld
Holz zum Kreuze selber tragen!
Erbarm dich unser, o Jesu !

English translation
Сome ye daughters, share my mourning;
See Him! – Whom? – The Bridegroom Christ.
See Him! – How? A spotless Lamb.
See it! – What? – His patient love.
Look! – Look where? – On our guilt.
Look on Him. For love of us
He Himself His Cross is bearing.

O Lamb of God unspotted,
There slaughtered on the cross,
Serene and ever patient,
Though scorned and cruelly tortured.
All sin for our sake bearing,
Else would we die despairing
Have pity on us, o Jesus.




J. S. Bach ►Jesu, nun sei gepreiset, BWV 41
(Cantata for New Year’s Day, 1725)
VII. Choral: Dein ist allein die Ehre

Chorus Viennensis
Concentus Musicus Wien
Nikolaus Harnoncourt

“…and wish with voice and spirit
  a new and blessed year.”