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The Rules:
1. Always state the rules.
2. Answer all eleven questions and tell the person you answered.
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1. What position do you think you would be best at at Quidditch?
probably…chaser, i have shit hand-eye co-ordination, i’d probably stuff less up this way

2. As a child, what TV show did you love the most?
oh ahh i watched Saturday Disney a lot which had a few shows which kept me entertained

3. Sum up your closest friends in five words.

fun, geeky, outgoing, caring, understanding

4. If you could be a part of any Ancient Mythology, which one would it be?


5. If you create any type of animal, what would it be? Why?

half monkey, half dolphin, because I CAN

6. If you could make any character from any show or book or movie real, who would it be and why?

Sherlock, because he would be annoying yes if you cant handle him but you could learn some interesting stuff from him

7. If you were stranded on an island, which blogger would you prefer to have stranded with you?

the-time-girl and lokitheshadowranger cause i need someone to entertain me and actually get me of the island and someone to do the work to get us off

8. Describe you’re taste in music using lyrics from songs.


9. What do you consider as your special talent?

awesomeness? no? ok…being able to confuse people really easily

10. Which animal did you consider as your spirit animal?

misha collins? no he’s human (i think). Owl, ill go with Owl, owls are cool

11. What is your preferred career? 

well i would love to be a archeologist, but im heading towards accounting

My Questions For You:

1. You can go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

2. What is your prefered way to be famous?

3. You only get to meet one famous person ever, who and why?

4. Your favourite Marvel character?

5. How would you spend a day with your favourite celebrity? (you  can do ANYTHING)

6. screw, marry, kill-Sherlock, Benedict, Kahn

7. Favourite genre to read?

8. Dream job (even if it doesnt exist)

9. Your in the TARDIS, would you go back in time, go forward, or visit another planet (all dangerous of course)

10. You could be any animal for the rest of your life, which and why?

11. Favourite time of year?