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Louis/Nick 18 please? :))

Things you said when you were scared. (NOT a break up fic, despite the implications from the opening conversation) 1.2k

Written for this fic meme - I’ve already filled/gotten prompts for: 5 (filled), 8 (to be written), 10 (filled), 18 (this one!), 20 (to be written), and 23 about blushing (to be written). You can send me a number if you want to! I’m only writing for Tomlinshaw at the moment.

“I’m not…” Louis pauses. “What do you mean? I thought…just everything is good, isn’t it? Right?” His voice cracks at the end, and Nick feels like his heart is splintering into a million pieces.

Fuck. This is not how this conversation was supposed to go at all, but Nick has no idea how to backtrack now that he’s got his foot firmly lodged in his gob.

“I just think we’ve got different expectations right now, is all,” Nick’s having a really hard time looking at Louis’ face; he’s got tears in his eyes and Nick put them there. And his mouth keeps running without his permission, spewing all this stuff that Nick’s not sure he even means.  

Louis’ face absolutely crumples. He’s got his arms wrapped protectively around his middle and he genuinely looks like he’s going to throw up. Nick desperately wants to reach out for him, but he knows he’s got no right.

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Hello! That post where you elaborated on the SNL skit where they're holding One Direction Auditions, what was that? Like, did that actually happen? I tried looking back in your blog but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Yes it did! I got stand by tickets to the SNL dress rehearsal - which is basically just the live show but they also run other skits/jokes and see which ones are received best by the audience. Then they use those in the live. 

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Hello! I was wondering if you knew what that "x <3 = im a mess" doodle fanart picture meant. My friend and I have been trying to figure out how the doodles add up to equal im a mess for a while now and we cant seem to get it. Can you help us please? :)

Oops, I couldn’t see all of your question on mobile! Okay, I think it was maybe the song writing process he went through for “i’m a mess” because the first doodle we have is Ed added to singing plus the shower head (he wrote the song in a shower). So once you multiply that all by heartbreak, I think you get the end product.

Sorry if that made zero sense! i tried haha

Can I just say that Chris Cerulli from Motionless in White has one of the best singing voices I've ever heard?

Listening to their songs, obviously most of the songs are the screaming which I love. But in Immaculate Misconception, for example, when the screaming stops and his lyrical voice is heard I’m just always struck by how amazing it is. He has insane talent.

I’ve been trying to put these feeling into words all day now and I still don’t know how to do that but I’m going to try. My mom keeps saying things like “they’re still one direction. It’s still the same. He wasn’t your favorite, it’s okay.” But no, it’s really not. It’s not the same. It’s not okay. Because this could be the beginning of the end, and in a way, it also IS the end. It’s the end of how it always was. I know they’re just a boyband and that they don’t /matter/ in the scope of the universe in the same way that so many other things are argued to be insignificant blah blah blah. But they do matter, because for four years I have followed this band. For four years I have listened to their music to make me happy and watched their videos and interviews and thought about meeting them or seeing them some day. In four years they slowly became something special to me, these five boys. They made me smile when I was sad, and even brought me closer to my best friend. They also made me realize and actively preach that you shouldn’t put someone down because a certain thing makes them happy, no matter how much you might disagree. And honestly I’m not sure that my life or personality would be the same if I didn’t have one direction in my life. In this way, they matter. They matter so much to me. And nothing is going to be the same after this which makes me so sad. I’m happy zayn gets to be with his family. I’m happy that he’s happy and made the decision to value his health over anything else. But I’m also devastated and terrified. I’m terrified because it’s likely that I’ll no longer have that happiness they brought me on a day to day basis. I love these boys. I love them so much, and they matter to me.