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Flashback to the first Vegascon in 2013. This was the first time the conventions had Louden Swain as the house band and Rich as an MC. Louden Swain masqueraded as the Elastic Waste Band!

This was the first time the band was on stage throughout Jensen and Jared’s panel, and Jensen loved it, dancing and interacting with them constantly; singing a little and generally just enjoying having music as his back drop. You could clearly see how much he loves music and how important music is to him.

Jensen obviously loved having the band there, it changed the tone of that panel, and in many ways was instrumental in contributing to the looser tone of the Js panels going forward.

I took this photo at the end of the Js panel. The band did Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town”, which was the theme of the con, and Jensen joined in. I remember the sheer glee of the audience at seeing him do this! Singing! I’d been lucky enough to attend his jam session in 2011, and spend 45 minutes listening to him sing, but this….this was different. 

We might not have realised it at the time, but this was the beginning of who Jensen became with us, through music. 

I’ll never forget this moment.

Just as a reminder, the so-called “emo revival” that started in 2009 is actually modern day indie/punk that brings back elements of Midwest emo from the 1990s. If you still enjoy the emo pop/mallpunk/scene (whichever term you prefer) from the 2000s then that’s totally okay. Yr interests are completely valid. But keep in mind that some of the the bands you loved either broke up (MCR, Alexisonfire) or change their style therefore they’re no longer emo (FOB, Panic!).
Whether you listen to emocore from the 80s (Rites of Spring, Beefeater), Midwest (Braid, the Get Up Kids and the Promise Ring), screamo/skramz (pageninetynine, Saetia and I Hate Myself), pop punk (Saves the Day, Midtown and Neck Deep), melodic post-hardcore (MCR, Lifetme, Brand New and Thursday), emo pop (Say Anything, Paramore and The Academy Is…), revival shit (TWIABP, MoBo and Joyce Manor), twinkle emo (Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing and Dads) or even bedroom pop (Teen Suicide, Pill Friends and Salvia Palth), if you listen to any of that, yr still apart of the emo universe.
Most people dress as “scene” aka a fusion of emo and rave fashion culture. So in conclusion, don’t shit on another emo just ‘cause they don’t meet up to yr expectations. We don’t all live in the suburbs and not all of us is heartbroken. And it’s all good. Clothes will be clothes and emos will be emos.
End of discussion.


It was a big night for LGBTQ awareness at this year’s ARIA Awards

Troye Sivan dedicated his first ARIA win for Song Of The Year to “every LGBTQ kid in Australia”. 

Sivan, renowned for his efforts to represent LGBTQ relationships in his music videos, used the stage to instil hope in the country’s LGBTQ youth.

Sia, who took home Best Female Artist of the Year, nominated Australian Marriage Equality Campaign Ambassador Angie Greene to accept the award on her behalf. 

“This award is for every single non-hetero and gender diverse person who can currently not marry the person that they love in this country,” Greene said.

Greene also urged Australia to take a step in the right direction, “You have the opportunity now to not just do a great thing but to do the right thing”.

After Greene accepted the award, the campaign’s founder, Joshua Sasse and fiancé Kylie Minogue took to the stage, also wearing Say I Do Down Under shirts.

“This is more than just a movement, this is people’s lives and we want to say to every single member of the LGBT community: ‘You are not alone. You have a voice’,” the British actor told the crowd.

Many, many people have been getting spammed by @crosa-rosa sending their newest music video to their submit boxes. That band has tried to say it wasn’t them and they have no control over it; BUT IT IS THEM

Not only that; but many of the people they’ve sent the video to are trans – and given the transphobic nature of the video, this seems intentional. They’re trying to stir up controversy to get their name out there. In addition to that, they’ve stressed out a ton of people because they fear the submission a virus or a screamer. 

They continue to claim it isn’t them, but they’ve done this EXACT SAME THING prior, as they admitted on their blog in an earlier post

They’ve also been trying to justify spamming on twitter.

I think there can be no reasonable doubt that it’s them. A random spammer isn’t just sending out their newest video just because. That’s ludicrous. No one has anything to gain from this EXCEPT CROSA ROSA. 

At this point, the decent thing would be for them to apologize for the stress and annoyance they’ve caused. Send a message to these buttholes by giving their video a thumbs down and letting them know directly (on twitter and @crosa-rosa) how unacceptable and gross what they’ve done is. Spamming is desperate, annoying, and intrusive. If this is the only way you can get your music heard - then it’s shitty music. I hope their career tanks and we never hear about them again after this. Fuck you, Crosa Rosa



We have a message for you and we hope that you will hear us out. Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at ‘Hamilton, An American Musical’, we sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed, and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and on behalf of all of us, all of us, we thank you for sharing this show, this wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men, women, of different colors, creeds, and orientations.
—  Brandon Victor Dixon of ‘Hamilton’ following the booing of Mike Pence after his arrival on November 18 2016

Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” in 1973 and big old bad Elvis loved the song so much (duh) he wanted to record a version of it. BUT part of that agreement included Dolly having to sign over her publishing rights on the song which she refused to do, so he never recorded it and she was told by many this was a very poor business decision. Well the song went on the make millions for her over the decades through royalties and when Whitney Houston wanted to cover it for The Bodyguard, Dolly gladly gifted the song over to her, because she knew Whitney would do it justice. It’s the only song in country music that has hit #1 two times by the same artist (1974, 1982) and then covered by a pop singer to hit #1 again twenty years later.

I really think Dolly is exemplary in trusting her gut and creative senses, which is something all artists can admire and hope to be as steadfast in doing. She rose to the top of an industry that was not friendly towards women, and was unapologetically the best version of herself. The song, though billed as a romantic love song, is actually about her decision to leave her performing and business partner, Porter Wagoner and pursue her own career. So the greatest love song of all time is actually about a woman deciding to chase her own dreams. It’s a love song to herself. Okay thank you goodnight, long live the Queen of Country Music!

Heaven Appreciation

Troye Sivan. Betty Who. Heaven. 2017.
This video has so much importance for so many reasons and it honestly brought me to tears. Here is an artist using his voice and influence to educate generations about the LGBTQ community in every single one of his videos. The Heaven video is a highlight because it involves the history of this community and the amount of effort that went into gaining the liberties we have today. Troye is bringing the recognition to the people that have faced so much ignorance and hate for who they are, have faced oppression and used it to change minds and change attitudes.
Without these people in history to shape the way the LGBTQ community is perceived, videos like Heaven and the whole Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy would never have been created. They have fought for self expression and in their wake they have left freedom for our generations to create, act and express ourselves anyway we want.
This video is so much more than just a music video, so much more than the music video where he confirms his relationship with Jacob.
Thank you Troye for being such an amazing role model, thank you for teaching people to be themselves and have no shame and thanks for showcasing the people that have fought for so long for the freedoms we have today. Thank you for Heaven and thank you for the masterpiece that is the video.

let’s be clear: the tear in my heart music video is NOT romanticizing violence!! jenna punching tyler is a metaphor for how he felt/feels around her because tyler associates pain with feeling alive and he’s basically saying that jenna makes him feel alive. please don’t think that it’s romanticizing violence because it’s not at all.