Sharing the stage with Beyoncè at the Grammys and being hailed by OutKast and Alicia Keys at the Hall of Fame induction demonstrated to Prince how decisive an influence he has been on an entire generation of younger artists. He was so moved by Keys’ speech—“Because of him, I’ve never wanted to be like anyone but myself… Because of his music, my music has wings to be different”—that a video of it introduced him every night on the Musicology tour…

That aspiring musicians heard a call to freedom amid the din of controversy surrounding him couldn’t possibly be more important to him. “The respect of young artists—I love that,” he says. “Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people. Alicia Keys gets it. All these hip-hop artists, the first thing they do is start their own label and lock their business down—we had a lot to do with that.”

Rolling Stone Magazine, 2004


Ah, here’s almost the whole performance of The Question of U/The One/Fallin. At the Qwest Ctr in Omaha, Musicology tour 2004.

“His insight is priceless,” says Prince… “I learn just by watching him. One day, he wanted to show me what it’s like for him to experience the world, to actually feel a piece of music, so he held my hand…Now at first, it’s like ‘Whoa, I’m holding hands with a man!’…Those thoughts and feelings are mine, and we all have to work those things out for ourselves. But then I started thinking what it means for Stevie to be able to hold someone’s hand – anyone’s hand, even a man’s. He’s telling me he respects me. And by extension, he’s teaching me that I have to have that same respect for everybody in life.“

–Prince on Stevie Wonder. EW, 2004


Musicology Tour rehearsal

[Here Insert Things You Are Sexier Than]

Incidental to today’s Waffle House experience, I will never get over my love for Wikipedia descriptions of popular songs:

I’m Too Sexy" is sung from the point of view of a histrionic-narcissistic male fashion model. The song’s lyrics express (over-)confidence that his personal level of sexiness makes him too sexy for numerous things.


Album Spotlight Week is Complete!

Thanks for joining us during our Album Spotlight Week! It was sometimes a real struggle for poor Darling Nisi as she saw some nice posts floating down the dashboard this week, but she held strong! At the end of the day, though The Professor activates a WHOOOLLLE LOT in a person, the language of music is how he best expresses his genius and we SO love him for it.

Here were all the posts in case you missed them plus the bonus post as well for The Vault!

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Lotusflow3er (2009)

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Musicology (2004)

3121 (2006)

Crystal Ball (1998)


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Your culture—not your biology—shapes your musical taste
Isolated Amazonians have no preference for consonance over dissonance in music

The specific claim of the study (rather than a broad reading of the headline) doesn’t seem to actually be all that strange. Dissonance is very common in music from a lot of cultures; to say that preferences for different kinds of harmonies is largely cultural is clearly not some delusional modernist blank-slate posturing.

Dissonance (along with inventive use of rhythm) is what makes pieces like Rite of Spring, which I’ve loved since I was a kid (thanks Fantasia), so powerful. Dissonance is pretty common in a lot of music of the past few decades (like shoegaze, trip-hop, and vintage emo), both in the form of special sad chords beyond standard minor chords and in melodies that clash subtly with each other and the underlying chords.

I’ve heard the same dissonance play in San, Aboriginal Australian, and American Indian music too.

Album Spotlight Week : Musicology (2004)

It was my sophomore year of college. News of a new Prince album hit the streets. I bought it right away and was like WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS AMAZING ALBUM?!?! (I went to Georgia Tech them nerds didn’t know NOTHING about real music!) Don’t call it a comeback, but this was an album that was targeted for mass appeal and it worked. Highest grossing tour of 2004 and the source of AMAZING 45/46 year old Prince pics like this one :

Favorites From this Album

Musicology - Title track. Tells you that he ain’t never left and you need to recognize real music by real musicians.

Call My Name - Lovely ballad. I remember seeing an interview that this song was written for Manuela. The reporter asked him about a time when she called his name and it really affected him. He said something along the lines of “no comment”

What Do U Want Me 2 Do? - He talks about an attractive woman trying to choose on him even though he’s married. He’s not falling tho…

The Marrying Kind - Oh this song…a very confident Prince talks about how he’ll make your girl forget you exist if you leave her because he’ll pick up the slack and and treat her like a goddess.

If Eye Was the Man in Ur Life - The Marrying Kind flows right into this song. He told your dude he was about to miss out…and now he’s talking to you about how much your dude sucks and he’s making promises about how he’ll treat you.

On the Couch - Part 3 of the story…previous song flows into this one. He’s still at your place. It’s late…and he wants to do it to you. He pleads with you to let him do it to you. It’s very convincing. Oh and the Musicology tour version of this song? He said the tour was family friendly. This part was not. LORRRDDT.

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Snap from a friend

Things become progressively more disjointed in the binding of the last three volumes. Typical.

When you really want access to a journal without having to join  the society that publishes it

… and it’s not in IIMP or JSTOR … and your institution doesn’t have a subscription to it either … and you’re a poor graduate student … and you’re afraid of looking like a cheapskate by asking your faculty for articles … and:

[Do any of y’all have access to the Haydn Society of North America’s online journal? *wink, wink*]