Nekojima (Cat Island)
  • Nekojima (Cat Island)
  • Unknown
  • Mabinogi OST

I think it’s time for some music from overseas. How many have heard of Japan’s “Nekojima”? (Translation: Cat Island) It’s a special area only found in Mabinogi Japan. Here’s some of the Music that goes with that Island.


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Where Starlights Gather
  • Where Starlights Gather
  • HanStone
  • Mabinogi OST

Hey Everybody, time for another round of music!

A listener recently brought to me some info about a familiar track and the backstory behind it.

This track is of course, Tir Chonaill’s Cemetary Music.

For those that don’t know, it wasn’t originally used for that area. Back during the Alpha Testing of Mabinogi in Korea, there used to be a place called “Sidhe Grove Camp”. When we think of “Sidhe”, most of us probably think of that snowy area where Tarlach lives. Many things were changed from the Alpha to Beta Testing. Tir Chonaill was vastly different as well!

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Anyways, for whatever reason, the place was either scrapped or changed (most likely changed to the Dugald Aisle Logging Camp)., and the rest is history. Enjoy the track!


 © devCAT, HanStone, Mabinogi


Who can forget the opening credits to this great game?

I bring you “Hold my Hand” by HanStone.

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Mabinogi KR - G1 Login
  • Mabinogi KR - G1 Login
  • HanStone
  • Mabinogi OST

Sorry about giving more variations of this track, but I figured some of you would like to hear some of the tracks that North America never recieved for their Log-in Music.

The track that was used for Generations G1-12, G15, G16, and the Classics Login (G17) in North America was what Korea used for their G4 and up.

Anyways, I bring you Mabinogi Korea’s G1 Log-in Music, and as always, Enjoy!

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Merchant of Venice Credits
  • Merchant of Venice Credits
  • Mabinogi
  • Mabinogi OST

As strange as it might be, this track does not have an official Title. Some call it “Cutscene 23”, others call it the G15 Credits. Regardless, it’s quite the chilling build-up considering your character is on its knees before the Goddess Morrighan, about to be executed… knowing that the Soul Stream is the ONLY place where a Milletian can actually die.

As always, Enjoy!

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