Playlist März 2016

  • Bleeding Heart Pigeons - They’re Cutting Down The Old Oak Tree
  • Hop Along - Waitress
  • Frightened Rabbit - Get Out
  • Yeasayer - Gerson’s Whistle
  • Be Forest - Glow
  • Mutual Benefit - Not For Nothing
  • Fear Of Men - Island
  • Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Millionaire
  • Talking To Turtles - Gold
  • M83 - Solitude
  • Mating Ritual - I Can’t Dance
  • Frankie Cosmos - On The Lips
  • Mt. Wolf - Anacrusis
  • Lush - Out Of Control
  • We Were Strangers - Keep It Cold
  • Andy Shauf - The Magician
  • Weaves - One More
  • Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People
  • Magic Potion - Milk
  • We Are Scientists - Buckle
  • Baron Bane - How Does It Feel To Let Go
  • Plants And Animals - No Worries Gonna Find Us

I saw “The Great Gatsby” for the first time last night.  I was definitely scared because it’s my favorite book in the whole wide world and I didn’t want it to be ruined by some film, but I was so floored by the movie.  It was absolutely wonderful, from the beautifully created sets/costumes to the talented actors themselves to the outstanding camerawork.
The biggest #I Can’t Even happened when it ended and I really just don’t understand how it all came together so perfectly.

Best part: how the music accented everything; some people though the modern music was “trashy” or “dumb”, but I thought it really made the movie more dramatic and just all around beautiful.

dear tumblr, new music, please?

not picky, whatsoever. i’ll do anything from hip-hop to metal to indie to post-rock etc stuff. the point is i don’t care as long it’s not ICP or anything like it, that’s where i draw the line. 

p.s. i’d love artists outside of N. America, and i’m in a Lydia - Lucy Rose mood if we’re talking specifics.


sashaatthebarricade  asked:

4, 5, 8 :)

Ah, Chignon got me for 4 and 8, but 5 is lovely!

5. What inspires you to write?

Music, definitely. As I said, music makes almost everything happen, sometimes dangerously, ha; I used to carry a small voice recorder for interviews and reporting, and I was not above abusing it to record fic ideas or snippets of potential dialogue on my commutes.* Canon references obviously inspire as well, and character takes by certain actors absolutely inspire, especially when actors have clearly read the book** and found touches they can use, things that may not be evident in their performance on first or tenth or fifteenth viewing, but suddenly jump out at me, and I gasp and run with it (sometimes into a wall). I’m potentially insane and dedicated enough to look for the smallest things in the show and film (book, too, obviously) that could make an idea take flight. Photographs and edits and fanart really flip the switch on occasion, as is obvious from even the most cursory look through my tumblr and my rambling gasping tags. For example, looking for something actually related to work, I stumbled across this picture of old cameras used as flowerpots, and bit my tongue to keep from hissing aloud Grantaire and Prouvaire. And then of course used it in a photoset.

Tumblr has been ideal for me in this respect, because it is such a visually-oriented place; I never thought of myself as a particularly visual person and from a professional standpoint still am mostly not—picture if you will a short ginger hybrid of Enjolras and Combeferre in tall boots waving the editorial flag of SERVE THE WORDS, YOU GITS while facing down a wall of designers sighing deeply—but this site has definitely opened several doors for me in terms of appreciation and inspiration; the artists, those who make edits (oh my god, the edits; they are inspirational kerosene, or as I tag most of what inspires here, ignition), those who visualize their meta as well as verbalize it … it’s all lovely. So many, many of you are all lovely. And inspirational.

*Because dialogue can be murderously difficult for me, any inspiration for it has to be captured immediately. The unfortunate thing here is that I have the voice of a four-year-old chain smoker, and it does not translate to most of the characters I write.

** And done so willingly, and not been even comically petulant about doing so. I’m in the tiniest minority, I’m sure, but I was immediately annoyed by some in the Broadway revival cast whingeing, even in a tee-hee way, about their ‘homework’; I’m already not tremendously excited about this cast, and that didn’t help.