I’ll make a few more detailed posts later, but here’s Adam’s guitars for @the1975’s recording session starting next week: his ‘64 Jaguar, black and red Fano JM6s, the Music Man JP model he got when he was 17, a '70 Telecaster Custom, and a Schecter Robert Smith model. Lots of great stuff in that studio!

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Took some photos of my lovely Ernie Ball USA Musicman Sterling from 1993 for you guys. This was bought in August 1993 the release date of the Musicman Sterling! This is one of the first, (notice the original bridge with mutes)

Only changes that have been done are an adjustable Warwick nut has been installed as well as genuine Swarovski Cubic Zirconia crystals inlayed into the pickguard. *blingy *sparkly

This however is for sale! For £800 you could own a beautiful vintage USA piece of win! If interested inbox me!



Full shots of the current rig. Decided I wanted to bi-amp to get the most out of the Atlas 1x18, and it really does make a difference. All effects going through the Mills Custom stack and set to a beefy midrange.

I’m primarily a bassist and don’t usually use things like volume pedals often (or ever) but it’s proving really useful in this situation. Swells are more subtle but still retain a powerful punch with the Atlas stack being at full volume. It’s really great. Forever thankful I figured this rig out as my band is recording an album right now and this is how I’m going to record my parts. Good timing, eh?