Black Nut vs. Maxim October issue

Black Nut, a big fan of Maxim. A cute and innocent soul if you get to know him.

On his glasses, it says, “I didn’t wear this because I was nervous”

Bottom left corner profile:

Black Nut
DOB: January 1st, 1989
Label: Just Music
Interesting facts: Everyone already knows. I’m not lying, they really know.
Instagram: @gaygaykim

From top left to bottom right:

Q: You never did interviews until now. Why did you choose Maxim to be your first interview?
A: I don’t know a lot of magazines. I always read Maxim during my school years in the library and it helped me a lot. Personally, it brings me memories and I heard a lot about the editor’s stories as well so I trusted it and participated.

Q: Then it’s your first time? I heard that it’s your concept to act like you’re nervous. Your acting skills are almost that of Choi Minsik’s.
A: A lot of people might have misconceptions about that, but everyone knows I’m not like that in real life. I’m actually a scaredy cat and an idiot. I just act like I’m crazy on TV to hide that image of me.

Q: You went on stage with sunglasses on and got scolded by Repeating Jint. Did you get over your fears?
A: No, not at all. I learned that eye contact during stage performance is important as well. When I think that “I can enjoy this” I’m going to take it off and perform. Not my pants, my sunglasses.

Q: Different places are probably calling you to perform. Are you making enough money to pay your monthly payments?
A: Even before, I had enough money to pay my monthly payments, but Swings hyung said he would help me, so I take it. I still get about $300 from the company now.

Q: You probably made some money from the songs released. What do you want to do with them?
A: If you saw SMTM you would know - my mom has some debt. My goal is to pay off those first. I want to think about the things after that after I pay off the debt.

Q: Do you read the hate comments or responses? I would want to kill myself if I did.
A: I check all of them.

Q: There are a lot of insults. How do you feel? We get them too so we know.
A: That’s been happening to me since I started doing music, so I don’t really feel anything. Every time I see something like that, I get motivated and make a promise to myself to make them like me as well.

Q: You put your bank account number on your Instagram. Is it real? Do people send you money?
A: Yes, but I think people are wondering if it’s real as well, so they send like 1 cent, 69 cents, or something like that. I actually wanted some random rich guy to send a lot of money there, but nothing like that happened.

Then there are 4 questions about his song ‘Higher Than E-Sens’, how he mentioned Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae in his songs and his song 'Beenzino.’ Maxim asked why he mentions other people in his songs, and he said he just thinks they are the best and he wants to be better than the best. He said that it’s his way of showing respect. (The scanned pics were so bright so I just summarized it into a paragraph lol)

Q: How about the song 'Baechigi’? You said that if you listen to Korean hip-hop, you’re someone who doesn’t have a sense of music?
A: That song’s point is not to diss Baechigi. I’m trying to satirize the sayings like, “Korean hip-hop is shitty. Only foreign hip-hop is the best!” I understand if they are saying that because they are btter than us, but most of the times, it’s useless. The reason I’m getting so heated about this is because I used to be like that. I made that song so that I could judge those stupid people into hip-hop that do not know that well. 

Q: Are you still a virgin?
A: Yes. You wanna see my kakaotalk?

Q: Talk to some girls. I only see guy names.
A: When I see a girl, the first thing I do is get scared. It’s because I’m stupid. I didn’t have a lot of times where I had to interact with a girl.

Q: When I talk to you, I see that you have a very innocent side. So why did you write those lyrics during your MC Deformed days?
A: I usually don’t even get angry and I bottle it in, then I started to spit them out in my lyrics. It was something that I didn’t show to other people… it was like my toilet. Something to relieve my stress?

Q: I argued with my friend about this for about 2 hours once. From the lyrics of your 'Graduation Album’, some people even say that you’re a psychopath, saying that someone that has thoughts like this is dangerous.
A: If I lived like my lyrics, I probably won’t be breathing the same air right now. In the field of arts, people are the most judgemental about music. It’s a shame that people do not do that as much for movies and other arts.

Q: You have a lot of female antis because the lyrics you wrote back then. What do you think of them?
A: I understand, but I don’t really care that much. I hope they likeme for my music one day.

Q: Eminem was similar in the way that he wrote strong and dangerous lyrics at first, then started talking about his story that gave hope to other people after 'Lose Yourself.’ I felt the similarity with your 'Something I can do.’ Is Eminem your role model? Think again, it’s Eminem.
A: I’m sorry, but it’s true. I first started listening to hip-hop because of Eminem. I thought that Eminem was hip-hop back in the days and I thought that I had to write intense lyrics to be hip-hop. Since then, I started admiring his music and what he did. He’s the one that inspired me to be strong and outgoing. I don’t like him as much because he’s changed now, but I still listen to his old songs that he wrote when he lived in that trailer.

Q: You said you were going to release an album. Advertise.
A: I want to talk more about my past. So, I organize the things that I want to say these days and things like that.

The next question is too bright for me to see. LOL

Q: When will the album come out?
A: Before the year ends. Around October? (It’s almost end of October tho.)

Q: Is it almost done? I think a lot of people are waiting for it.
A: The lyrics are finished. I just have to pick the beats and record them.

Q: In your song '100’, there are lyrics like, “Laying you guys down is easier than a nurse with a needle.” There was some controversy about that.
A: That’s because they’re idiots. It’s literally shit talking. Obviously, you would lie down to take a needle. How else would you take it?
There’s a question about Giriboy and Nochang having a lot of female fans and Maxim asks how Black Nut feels about it. Black Nut said that he was upset at first because it’s not like you listen to music with their face. Then, he said that he got some female fans too who liked him for his face and thought that fame brings him fans like that. He said that he has more female fans that like him for his face than Giriboy and Nochang these days. LOL (The part was so bright I couldn’t fully translate).

Q: Do you have any ambitions as an artist?
A: You know you talk about dirty things, girls, or celebs while drinking with your friend, right? When people listen to my music, I want them to feel that I’m just a normal friend to them. I’m not a big person, I’m just one of your close friends, something like that.

Q: I have a lot more to say, but there’s a limit to how big the page is. Do you have anything else to say?
A: When I do this, do they send Maxim to my house every month? I wanted to be subscribed to it, but I don’t have money so.

Q: Just subscribe.
A: Coffee is always Maxim.