bffs ponyboy & johnny as college roommates !
  • ponyboy gets up early to start coffee for them, but he’s clumsy and perpetually sleepy so he kind of always makes a mess
  • the apartment is really small but they’ve decorated it all cute (maybe have a sort of soft green+blue+neutrals aesthetic going on?)
  • ponyboy makes the grocery lists but they go shopping together
  • johnny always gets onto pony for leaving his painting stuff, notebooks, & homework everywhere
  • they both love living together bc it’s always peaceful & quiet (unless the gang comes to visit….)
  • johnny brings home dinner sometimes after work or class
  • ponyboy always has music playing but johnny doesn’t mind bc he likes pony’s taste in music
  • if one of them falls asleep on the couch, the other will always cover them up with a blanket
  • the first time they did laundry together they mixed up all their clothes, so now they just share everything 
  • johnny always has to check the door before he goes to bed bc pony forgets to lock it all. the. time.
  • they 100% take care of each other when they’re sick
  • johnny hung up some of pony’s art on the walls bc he is the sweetest ever & wants to support his best friend’s talents
  • & pony always helps johnny study when he needs it
  • they always say “hey i’m home” when they come through the door bc they’re basically an old married couple

hey everyone

i know this isn’t troye related, but it means so much to me that I’m finally able to release some of my original music

if you could give slow motion a listen, that would make my day :) it was written, produced and sung by me.

and if you like it, you should follow me on soundcloud. my name is ellie.mp3. let me know what you guys think

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Chanyeol EX’ACT Lucky One Interview

Appendix F | Interview EX’ACT #6

- Chanyeol -

Keywords: sentimentality, care, music

If you compared EXO to a movie, what type/genre would it be? What type does your life belong to?

I feel EXO is a rom-com. There are many moments of twists and turns, and also a lot of certain occurrences, but the conclusion is always happy. I feel my life is also a rom-com. (I) usually like to view things positively, and the life and music I pursue are all rom-coms.

Do you have lyrics you like?

I like them all!

What is your favourite moment of time and place?

I especially like the time before dawn. From 2AM to 6/7AM, I like this time of day. Quiet, silent, although there is a feeling of loneliness I just like the feeling you can only experience before dawn. When working with other people, (we) would normally begin working from 8/9PM to 12/1AM, when composing on my own I would work from 2AM to 6-8AM. There is more efficiency when working between these hours, arranging or penning lyrics, listening to music, playing with the phone lying on the sofa, watching tv etc. during this time, (I) really like this kind of casual feeling. The place I like would be my studio, so long as it’s a quiet place with no one else, I would like it. I previously preferred a lively atmosphere with many people, but now I like quietness.

Familiarity and unfamiliarity, which do you like more?

I like familiarity. I am a risk-taker, and recently there more instances of challenges, but I still prefer a familiar environment with familiar people, living a happy life.

Some things are better over time, some are better new, please explain.

Although I’m not really that old, I can find a lot of interesting, happy moments when looking back into my life, I feel that it’s really great. I fulfill my life. The merit of new things is the ability to meet more new people, to enjoy completely new things with people you’re meeting for the first time.

Has there been something you’re always curious about?

Music -smiles-, if not music then people? I like to meet people, although (I’m) not one that can be intimate easily, I feel that by meeting new people there will be mutual help, (and) happiness.

Is there anything you value that other people don’t seem to place importance to?

Being attentive/caring to minuscule things. Everyone values attentiveness to major things, (but) I’m talking about care and attention to little things. The type of care that wouldn’t be noticed by the other person. For example, passing napkins to the one beside you when eating? Something like this. I feel very satisfied by these. There was once, when arriving to my studio after wrapping up work, I found a grocery bag on my doorstep. There were six 2-litre bottles of water, vegetables, cherry tomatoes etc. and green onions and sesame leaves in it as well. What is this? After checking (I) found that it was delivered to the wrong place, it was supposed to be delivered to building next door. I just felt the things would go bad if left here. And so, I took those things to the next building, I felt very satisfied then (for doing so). I feel this is the kind of person I am, who feels satisfied over doing these things. Even though they won’t know, I would think ‘I provided them the convenience’.

When did you feel that you have become an adult?

When listening to other’s thoughts/feelings and discussing them. I am a great listener, and also like talkative people. When chatting or discussing, I would talk about ideas I’ve never thought about. Especially when hearing about other people’s feelings, assisting through discussion. During then, I would talk to the other person of more good things. After listening to my words some people would thank me sincerely, (and when) hearing this my heart becomes really satisfied.

(If you could) share your personality/a trait with someone, what would you like to share?

(My) positive attitude! Many people have told me that I’m a positive person, and personally I usually don’t feel too much pressure. I really dislike when people around me face difficult or tough circumstances. So I would share a lot (tn: of his positive attitude) with them, speak and chat with them. But there are also people who need to experience difficulties, and I understand that.

If you had a twin or clone/doppelgänger, what kind of person do you hope for him to be?

I (would) hope he is exactly like me. Through him, I would like to understand how others feel when looking at me.

Of tangible objects what is the most valuable?

Seriously (this) question in too difficult. I want to answer ‘love’. Tangible love, a love that can be seen and felt first-hand!

Any thing (you) want to remove from this world?

None. I am someone who believes every thing in the world is formed out of necessity. Really. (I) really think flies, mosquitoes, dust and other things also have a reason for existence.

What is something that’s rewarding to wait for?

I’m someone who doesn’t have patience, so it’s difficult (for me). And so (I would) follow this process. This is something I’ve been doing since I was young, for example I’ve agreed with my friends that we’d go on vacation in two months. Since I hate (simply) waiting for the two months to pass, I would do lots of activities within those two months. for example, buying things I like online and then waiting for it to be express delivered. Or going to outings with other people etc. Of course, all these (activities) won’t be as interesting as vacationing, but (would) still go out with friends, have a meal, and do it again with other friends next week etc. Going through each week like this, the most anticipated vacation time will arrive.

Are there moments in your daily life that you feel is perfect?

Quite a few recently. Living through a day, without making anything happen on purpose, passing time naturally according to things I want to do. I really especially like reflecting on the day alone quietly at 2AM, meeting friends over coffee after waking up, take a walk, eat, meet another friend, work alone at the studio etc. All of these are things that make me happy.

If there was the possibility to realise a dream in (your) life, what do you hope for it to be?

I am someone who easily feels happiness (even) through small things, unless I was busy, but lately I am very happy. My lifestyle lately is similar to my ideal lifestyle, (and) that’s how I’ve been living lately.

If you could time travel?

If it was possible, I want to travel to a very distant future or past. I am currently 25y/o (tn: Korean age), I would often say to people around me that this is the happiest time period in my life, that I am currently very happy. Living up till now, (there) isn’t a past I particularly wanted to return to. So if I could time travel, I want to travel to a time in the future or past where I don’t exist. A thing that I especially want to see, would be dinosaurs. -haha- Really, (I) want to have a look at the year 2800, 2900, (I) want to see how the world has changed.

When do you feel that time in a day passes by quickly?

(I) feel time passes by quickly when there’s no schedules. But the day becomes too long when there are schedules. When an entire day is packed with schedules, it would feel the time passed by really quickly, but after returning home (I) would feel ‘ah! This day was too long’.

At which time period do you feel that the sky is most beautiful?

I like when you see the sunset glow. A blue sky island that becomes orange in the sunset glow, in that instant where before it turns into orange (completely), when it’s still in that enigmatic ‘not purple but not orange’ phase - I especially like the sky at that moment. Secondly it’s when you see the sky filled with stars. I’ve liked stars since I was young. My dream when I was little was to become an astronomer, archaeologist. Because I liked stars when I was young I participated in a lot of astronomy-related camping activities, (and) the various stars I saw back then sparkly in the sky, it’s still an unforgettable scene.

What do you think is the greatest invention of mankind?

I think it’s music. I really like (it), and it’s also a career I am proud and passionate about. I would often desire something new, as my personality makes it hard to focus on one thing, but it’s not the case with music - continuing on for 12-13 years; continuing on for so long, indicates that I really like it.

Do you have any life objectives?

Definitely music. I hope to continue (doing music) until before I die. My dream is to have music activities with my partner after we’re married. Life = music, music is my life, I reckon by then I would be able to make a greater variety of music genres.

Translated by: Chel

oKAy so if you’re just like me who’s frustrated and mostly tired of commuting everyFREAKINday then this is my advice for you (hey @/self listen):

read notes(or flashcards)

so you are on your way to school and you are still not quite confident for your quiz on a particular subject or you just want to read or advance read your lesson, do it while commuting IF AND ONLY IF it does not give you a headache(you do not want to enter class with a sickening headache). FLASHCARDS are the best tools for me if you want to read while commuting because less words —-> less headache(amiright)

listen to good music

if you don’t really have to do anything academic-wise, you can just listen to good music while commuting, something that will cheer you up (in the morning) and will soothe you (on the way home). I recommend some feel good indie songs (there’s actually a playlist on spotify). though sometimes I break my rule and just listen to punk music on the way home (*guilty*)

do some dumb things(internally)

HAH I usually create dialogues in my head like what might be the person in front of me is thinking or like create an imaginary life for the person in front of me lol yep that’s me I’m bonkers

take pictures(or not)

you should totally take pictures IF 1. it’s safe 2. you’re not shy OR you should just enjoy the scene and feel the wind slapping your face


admit it, some life-altering decisions or ideas come while you’re stuck in a public transportation medium right right. reflect on how your day has gone and how you would face tomorrow *cue What’s Up* . Review your assignments and appointments.

or you could just ignore all of the above and (re)watch anime while commuting (it me)



okay so nobody has talked aboUT THISS

just ignore the sfx and listen to THAT MUSIC


0:36 is rly where it kicks off my dudes

힙합성애자 Hip Hop Phile (3D Ver.) | Suga's Verse
  • 힙합성애자 Hip Hop Phile (3D Ver.) | Suga's Verse

Hip hop has found me
Just like a child looks for his mother
It came into my life naturally
I was just an elementary student back then,
I set up my dream then
I want a rapstar, as others,
I hated living the same, the prematurity of a little kid
Even if people hold me down and warn me
Hip hop persists in me
and completely turns me inside out
The young me used to write
my 16 bars on the corner of my textbooks
Thanks to that, I threw away my secure life
and went to a studio in Namsan-dong, Daegu
All night, I sharpened my blunt pen tip
At the end of my efforts,
instead of having a language marks for school
I filled up my rhymes,
which made my dreams come true
Everyone asks me, what is hip hop?
Then I confidently answer, my everything
As a result, my life has buried itself into music
If loving this culture is a sin,
I’ll die over a hundred times

ya know what pains me?

that yoongi thinks he’s weak

that he’s a weak person who only pretends to be strong.

but if he was weak he would have listened to the society and give up making music

if he was weak he would have given up being the producer and rapper

if he was weak he would have given up after losing contests and not selling enough tracks

if he was weak he wouldn’t have gone to Seoul to pursue music career

if he was weak he would have given up after performing for 2 people

if he was weak his social phobia would have not let him leave house, nevermind enter the stage or work with other musicians

if he was weak he wouldn’t have attended the BigHit audition

if he was weak he would have given up after first dance practice (he did say to Bang that he wanted to quit, but he got scolded and he came back. He could just leave and never come back and yet he didn’t)

if he was weak he wouldn’t have become Gloss, AgustD or BTS’ Suga. If he was weak, we wouldn’t have most of the best BTS songs. 

But he did all of it. He did all of it and he succeeded and achieved even more than he had wished for, because somehwere deep inside, a part of him knew that he is so much more than he gives himself credits for. It takes a lot strength and courage to shut your demons up, to shut the society up and do your thing. It takes a lot of strength to get up everyday and continue working towards your goals in spite of the pain and insecurities. It takes a lot of strength to know what’s wrong and still fight for what’s right.

He is so fucking strong and I just want him to know that.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have


I was tagged by sugar-cakesss, this one looks fun!

If I were a month, I’d be January

If I were a day of the week, I’d be Saturday

If I were a planet, I’d be Neptune

If I were a god or goddess, I’d be Nótt (the Norse goddess of night)

If I were a sea animal, I’d be an octopus 

If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a bookshelf

If I were a gemstone, I’d be a diamond

If I were a flower, I’d be a Lily of the Valley

If I were a kind of weather, I’d be snow

If I were a color, I’d be black

If I were an emotion, I’d be excitement 

If I were a fruit, I’d be an pomelo (fucking love pomelos, best.fruit.ever.)

If I were a sound, I’d be music

If I were an element, I’d be water

If I were a place, I’d be a forest

If I were a taste, I’d be savoury

If I were an object I’d be a laptop

If I were a bodypart, I’d be the brain

If I were a song, I’d be River Flows In You by Yiruma (I have carried that song around for years now, and I have a strong emotional connection to it)

If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be white stan smith’s

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