musicians used to play instruments

  • Ravenclaw musicians that learn to play outrageous magical instruments that do all sorts of things like melodize animal sounds or natural phenomena like wind and rain
  • Ravenclaw musicians that refuse to use spells to help play their instruments because “that would be cheating, where’s the fun in that?!”
  • Ravenclaw musicians that learn to enchant their instruments to sound like other instruments as the situation demands so that they can go from a classical sound to hard rock with the flick of a wand
  • Ravenclaw musicians that turn the metronome into a part in the score because they can
  • Ravenclaw musicians that, in their first year, only kind of know how to play an instrument, but are mentored by older students until they’re aficionados and do the same for the new first-years
  • Ravenclaw musicians that can play many different instruments because why play only one?
  • Ravenclaw musicians that play all around the castle and are confused when they get tips because they just wanted to play without having to get up and go back to the dorm
  • Ravenclaw musicians being the prime target of affection for music loving romantics because they always come up with the sweetest love songs and most tender lyrics
  • Ravenclaw musicians getting together and just jamming all night long in the common room because they don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow - or don’t care if they do
  • Ravenclaw musicians getting made fun of by others for being kind of bad at their instrument and all the other Ravenclaws making them feel better by jamming with them
  • Ravenclaw musicians feeling depressed and down and stressed for any reason and finding release in their music, and whenever a depressed Ravenclaw starts playing everybody in the common room pipes down and listens because they know this kid needs to let it out and when a Ravenclaw sings/plays from the heart it’s a moving experience
  • Ravenclaw musicians that take the time during exams to play happy, upbeat songs and take requests from other students around the castle because they’re all stressed and need a quick minute to breath and relax
  • Ravenclaw musicians that can’t stand when people bash on another person’s musical tastes
  • Ravenclaw musicians that are patient with other musicians in and out of their House when they start experimenting in new styles that take time to get used to like soul and gospel and instead of telling them to stop trying they tell them how to really get into the spirit of the style
  • Ravenclaw musicians that start playing really plainly and eventually play with more soul in them than a horcrux
  • Ravenclaw musicians listening to each other’s music regardless of genre and style and their own tastes
  • Ravenclaw musicians that learn confidence from music
  • Ravenclaw musicians that learn how to make friends through music
  • Ravenclaw musicians that become professional musicians
  • Ravenclaw musicians that just love being musicians
  • Ravenclaw musicians
Binding and Playing Instruments/Singing/Acting

Alright, this is something that I’ve never seen addressed, or if I have it’s just been “Don’t do it.” But I, as many other musicians and actors know, that isn’t always an option. So I’m here to talk to you guys about binding safely while being a musician/actor. For musicians I am mostly focusing on instruments that you use your breath to play. Lets go.


  • First and foremost, of course, wear a binder that fits. A binder that is too small can seriously hurt you, especially if you partake in actions like this.
  • It would be best to have a binder that has a velcro clasp so you can re-adjust how tight/loose it is as needed.
  • If you’ve been playing/singing for an extended period of time, take off or seriously loosen your binder for at least an hour to give your lungs a break.
  • After you play/sing (and are hopefully giving your lungs a break from your binder), raise both arms above your head and take three deep breaths. 
  • Then take a very deep breath and cough. If there is any rattling, cough until the rattling stops. Binders sometimes cause fluid/mucus to build up in the depths of your lungs, and using your lungs to sing/play an instrument will cause it to build up faster if it is happening.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY. If you feel light headed, if your chest hurts, if you don’t feel well, TAKE OFF YOUR BINDER. You need to care for your body first and foremost. If you absolutely cannot, at least loosen it if possible or stop in the bathroom, take it off, and do the exercise I described above.


  • Basically everything from above
  • But if you have a very long scene with a lot of dialogue, or a long monologue, seriously pay attention to your body.
  • Make sure you pay attention to your breathing. You still need to get enough breath in you, and binders make it harder to do that. If you aren’t able to with the binder you have, you might be wearing the wrong size or it might benefit you to look into one that has a velcro clasp.
A good Makeup artist will know how to work on different skin tones and different eye shapes.

Arguments against this like

“well then a chef isn’t a good chef if they don’t know how to make ______ type of food”

Chefs can specialize in different cuisines.

“Painters aren’t good if they can only use _____ type of art supplies”

Again, painters can specialize using different products.

“Musicians aren’t good if they don’t know how to play _______ instruments”

That’s just a stupid argument.

If you tell someone that’s made sushi all their life to batch up some French bread, that doesn’t make them a bad sushi chef, they just don’t know how to make French bread.

If you tell a white makeup artist to do a black persons makeup and they make them look ashy, or don’t have supplies for their skin tone in their kit, they’re a bad makeup artist.

When it comes to makeup, there are no special courses for “only white skin” or “only yellow undertones” no you learn COMPLEXION, SKIN TONE, SKIN TYPE, EYE TYPE and UNDERTONE as a whole. You learn all of these things to make ANY person of ANY skin color look good while under your care as a makeup artist. If you want to take the title as a GOOD makeup artist you will go out of your way to know how to enhance the beauty of any person.

As you may or may not know, there is a musical of BBC’s Sherlock being written. And as we come to a conclusion with the songwriting aspect of the musical, we turn to you now to help us. If you are a musician, are able to play an instrument to an excellent level,please let us know. You can check out the music at our tumblr, and even poke around the actual script.

We literally cannot do this without you.

Keep an eye out for casting calls in the near future!

Your help is always appreciated. Thank you.

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