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To All the Little Girls - Hillary Clinton’s concession speech set to (beautiful) music and performed by students in a music theory class at SOL-LA Music Academy in Santa Monica, CA.

No matter what the outcome of MAMA will be, I am proud of Infinite, VIXX, BAP, 2pm, Sistar, Monsta X, WJSN, AKMU, Winner, Lee Hi, KNK, Astro, Gugudan, Block B, Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, Wonder Girls, Luna, Hyosung, HyunA and Day6. Some are nominated some aren’t but they did great this year and gave us great content, and I love them for that and I’ll keep supporting them even though the “competition” is big


Tina Turner Appreciation Moment

I just felt like posting some pictures of Tina Turner because she’s a boss.

This is a woman from a broken home with a mother who didn’t love her who built a successful music career with a man she didn’t love.  She raised his kids from his previous marriage while he beat her for singing a wrong note, escaped the marriage with only her name and the clothes on her back…and a mountain of debt from their tour she canceled in order to divorce him.  Tina then reinvented herself well into her 40s to become the Queen of Rock & Roll as a Black woman from the South, moved to Switzerland, learned German, married the love of her life in 2013 and gave up her US citizenship because she was never the star here that she was in Europe anyway.  She’s the oldest woman to ever appear on the cover of a Vogue magazine (at 73-years-old) and she’s sold more concert tickets than any solo artist.  

So yes, Tina Turner is a boss and I randomly felt like sharing that real quick.

Plus, there would be no Beyonce if Tina Turner hadn’t been the foundation for her entire stage presence.  And Tina Turner Always On Beat.