I only just started this blog at the beginning of May, and I have to say I’m overwhelmed at all the feedback and support I’ve received since I opened the ask box. 

This was actually my first content blog in general, not to mention my very first ask-blog and my first step into a fandom that wasn’t just with a handful of friends doing our own thing with fancharacters.

To be honest- before I started this blog I had kind of been stale in terms of talking to new people and finding new things to enjoy. I only talked to one or two people daily and with my current living situation I had very few friendly outlets I could talk to in person. 

A very deep, dragging depression has been weighing me down for about ten years now, and in the last two it’s gotten even more so. It was to the point where I didn’t do anything, didn’t draw, and didn’t even have the energy to even watch new shows.

I want to let you all know that your presence and acceptance has helped me considerably. And in talking to new people, I was able to help support others who were going through the same issues I am. 

So, this isn’t just an askblog, for me. It’s a small sign that I was able of accomplishing something, and it helps me meet new people and gives me inspiration to draw when I’m mentally able.

And that’s all thanks to the kind people I’m mutuals with that have talked to me, and supported me - and I’ve done the same for a good number of them.

So, this post is for you, and I want you to understand how honestly important those of you who are on this list mean to me.

And to those of you who follow me that are not on this list: Thank you for being here and thank you for boosting what little self-confidence I have. It means a lot.

I want to specifically thank jomymarcusshin and chainquing for inspiring me to get back into hxh in the first place.

I’m going to be listing these in the order of who I followed first, and I will also be listing people who I follow on my main blog who I don’t follow on here.

apollyna  hella-krem hisoka-the-unicorn-wizardsmokesinatrayukitaliaask-killua-kunmossrotkurapippinnensparklessmolglassesilluminyaathe-pin-mancreepiekyttie heartzexodusask-killuazexorealisticzaoldyckyellmisweets-and-animethylacinewinkgon-withthewindvelkoz-the-voidborn itsy-bitsy-chrolloask-notsoangry-kurapikaask-axolotlgonask-kittuayougeiask-angry-sass-momrefurbishedrobotsask-allukazoldyckthe-schwingaversio ask-deaf-killuaask-fluffy-naga-killuaask-thetrashdadask-musichunter-melodyx-schwing-xsuperhikigalleryfxkethemagician-hisokaelasticlxveillumi-the-assassingon-and-killuas-motherrose-selavy

Okay, I’m done now. Carry on~