Dear fellow musicians,

I’m selling my Walter Woods Head Amp - I bought it from U.S. via ebay, and have been using it for 3+ years for many different occasions without any problem.
The reason I’m selling this is because I’m endorsed with different amp company. That’s why I’m not going to use Walter Woods any more.

Here more descriptions;

The model is : MI200-8 (300watts rms / 8 Ohms) typically called as “Green Light” with 2 jack speaker outputs. (early 90’s, I assume).
As I wrote before, it still works fine - played in recording sessions in many years and no problem.
Power light is broken - but works fine by playing (doesn’t effect to the sound).
*There is a switch to change voltage on the back side - next to fuse. It is very unclear to see in the picture…

PM me if interested. Thanks!

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