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actually canon. he had a grandma neighbor once who would keep trying to feed him or leave cassaroles/grandma food on his doorstep once she noticed he subsists mostly on food you can get at a gas station and cheap chinese takeout and alcohol (and occasionally maybe like a can of tuna or an apple)(he can’t cook and has awful eating habits)

ian has been in several romanic relationships, one of which even lasted longer than a few months. he is transient in that way (and in other ways)

ian hangs out at: dives, libraries, 24hr cafes, duck ponds, rest stops, buses (he tends to fall asleep on buses tho)(and in cars)(and during movies)(basically anywhere except his bed between the hours of 9am and 9pm)(he fell asleep on a display bed in IKEA once)

n-no. very few people have had that privilege and i don’t think jules is one of them. i mean i can maybe see an inebriated smooch on the cheek but then jules would be like “what no gross”

whaaat that’s sort of adorable. i can see him being really serious about taking care of a flower shop, almost to the point of refusing to sell them to someone who looks like they might neglect them, but i can also see mr gumby

i guess it depends on the who &where. in any case i don’t think he would feel entirely inclined to believe anyone in that situation

(pretend that’s a one-way road)