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actually canon. he had a grandma neighbor once who would keep trying to feed him or leave cassaroles/grandma food on his doorstep once she noticed he subsists mostly on food you can get at a gas station and cheap chinese takeout and alcohol (and occasionally maybe like a can of tuna or an apple)(he can’t cook and has awful eating habits)

ian has been in several romanic relationships, one of which even lasted longer than a few months. he is transient in that way (and in other ways)

ian hangs out at: dives, libraries, 24hr cafes, duck ponds, rest stops, buses (he tends to fall asleep on buses tho)(and in cars)(and during movies)(basically anywhere except his bed between the hours of 9am and 9pm)(he fell asleep on a display bed in IKEA once)

n-no. very few people have had that privilege and i don’t think jules is one of them. i mean i can maybe see an inebriated smooch on the cheek but then jules would be like “what no gross”

whaaat that’s sort of adorable. i can see him being really serious about taking care of a flower shop, almost to the point of refusing to sell them to someone who looks like they might neglect them, but i can also see mr gumby

i guess it depends on the who &where. in any case i don’t think he would feel entirely inclined to believe anyone in that situation

(pretend that’s a one-way road)

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One of my favorite show, it might seem cliché but it’s 15 years old, this serie created the first outsider-geek characters on tv, and has a good female lead character for once ! Too bad there is only 1 season, it was ahead of its time

No… I didn’t meant it was cliché, true that i don’t know what i wanted to say… yes it uses some clichés/stereotypes but i didn’t mean the series seemed cliché at all.. It seems to depict the stories/characters in an interesting (enough) way. I liked the first episode… Although I find it strange that it was made in 99/00 when i would have guessed/ i thought i don’t know why that it was made around 95/96… The female lead character seems quite interesting I agree, from the only episode i saw at least, I like her. She’s a cool character. And I even still wear an army jacket nowadays.. Perhaps I’m too old now to wear an army jacket? When was the last time I bought clothes? Nevermind. There’s a thing I don’t understand: why ‘the freaks’ make all those funny faces. Is there an explanation? More importantly: What I find strange is how the geeks were casted… maybe that’s The Thing that bothered me. It’s somehow disturbing to me to see characters too typically look like what they’re meant to be… They’re geeks, okay, they totally look like geeks. I get it. No. It’s strange. Also in some shows/films, awkward characters or scenes make me feel awkward too and it’s always weird… Can i can end this with 'I don’t know’? Maybe the series is a bit cliché but i really don’t know, using clichés/stereotypes is always tricky. edit: ok all characters are casted in the same way as the geeks possibly, but i’m too lazy to talk about this kind of thing… the way people are usually casted in movies/etc….
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i don’t know if it’s an option but have you thought of going out of the US for school ? good luck anyway, SCAD seems like a super nice school !

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I hope you get the scholarship!

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:O :O :O oh girl i hope you can come back somehow. we miss youuu

@musicfromtheceiling- unfortunately i don’t think i can go out of the us because we don’ have the money :-( that’s why i’m hoping for some really good scholarship

@phantom- thanks! i just need to improve my gpa..

@mickey- i miss you guys too. i ended up telling my mom and she told me i can go over there as long as i find the money somehow.