The “Sustainable Energy For All Initiative” is an amazing project by UN supported by @linkinpark through @musiforrelief!

“Sustainable Energy for All will help us to reduce poverty, drive economic dynamism, reduce the risks of climate change and protect the planet – all at the same time,” Mr. Ban Ki-moon said.

Well, you can help 1.4 billion of people who live in the dark get clean energy to cook meals and stay warm by going to and also by tweeting #PowerTheWorld and by liking!

“We want to raise visibility of the issue and we want to help spread the word. We also want to make a difference on the ground. We are enlisting the help of our fans to achieve both,” said Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park.

People shouldn’t be living in the dark, it is not human! It is horrible!

I would like to say that #PowerTheWorld is not a fan tag. It is not about Linkin Park! It is about help people around the world live better. So, please let’s help it to get visibility by treding it!

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Powerless - #GivingTuesday

.@billclinton Thank you sir. I couldn’t be more grateful for your visit & support of what we’re doing in Haiti. @bobbyhundreds @chideo @musicforrelief

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