Just little 2D!Miraculous Ladybug Things
  • Marinette’s ahoge
  • Dark broody cat boys
  • The four leaf clover on Tikki’s head
  • Plagg’s overtly teasing nature
  • Felix’s library
  • Ladybug’s attacks involving bursts of rainbows
  • The villains actually being intimidating
  • Dynamic scenery
  • Papillion’s Blimp
  • The Pigeon and Mime Guy being constant henchmen under Papillion
  • The big beautiful rainbow moth symbol
  • Paris on fire
  • Cool city wide attacks of weird purple and green energy
  • Marinette drinking tea
  • Chat Noir’s paw prints on his gloves and feet
  • Chat Noir’s thigh highs
  • The rose on the Eiffel tower scene
  • The first time Chat Noir sees Ladybug
  • Marinette attempting to ask Felix out
  • The heroes’ bubbly Sailor Moon-esque transformations
  • The trailer music

Feel free to add anything else you can think of or something that you enjoyed the most about 2D!ML

soft victuuri things bc im an emo fuck

  • yuuri getting a lil chubby during off season and he is very soft and v warm and gives extra good cuddles
  • taking baths in the hot springs with really nice scented soaps
  • dying viktors blessed white hair in pretty colors and maybe pride flags
  • walking makkachin and they hold hands with the leash in between their hands
  • listening to instrumental music during a quiet night and tappy tapping each others arms with their fingers to the tune
  • skate dates with hot cocoa and just chillin and gliding
  • also future domestic vickuuri where they have a pond in their backyard and in winter its a lil private rink that they set up complete with fairy lights, a tent over it, and speakers for music
  • feeling loved and safe always
  • Domestic Viktuuri strikes again surprise they have a flower garden
  • ok so in wintertime yuuri kinda likes the cold but viktor calls it Freezing Hell despite their environment growing up and where im going with this is viktor has a fluffy snuggie that is very cute
  • not as soft but they have a wii and they play just dance and they never know who wins because they either score zeros or five stars both of them
  • theyre rich so maybe they have this big ass bed but they stay cuddled v v close in the middle anyway 
  • basically they are just Huge lovie dovey assholes and i hate them
Sleepover Saturday!

So today is gonna be kind of a lazy day and I’m gonna eat junk and watch movies and it’s gonna be like a sleepover except I’m gonna be by myself so I wanna hang out with you guys!

Come talk to me about stuffs! Send me stuff about:

  • your dog
  • your family
  • drama thats goin on
  • your friends
  • your crush/ s/o
  • 1d/5sos
  • tv shows/movies/music
  • feels you got
  • send me your credit card number so I can shop
  • I dont care come hang out with me

If you want it on private or through fan mail that’s cool, and whether you wanna talk to me on or off anon is totally fine!