On Friday (March 20th) I attended the Beyond the Barricade but my date was a little special. Since a lot of bands were in Texas for SBSW? & NSN festival, my date got combined with Chelsea Grin’s ashes to ashes tour. There was a total of 9 bands on the bill with doors opening at 3. Catastrophic Melody came on first, they are a local post-hardcore group. followed by The Family Ruin a UK band that only a few people that were familiar with but still put on amazing performance. Other bands included Ice Nine Kills (crowd favorite), New Years Day, Sworn In & Carnifex. They all have a spectacular perform and got the crowd warmed up for the headlining bands. Chelsea Grin came on & the crowd went insane. They have this stage presents that makes people just go crazy. For Today was 2nd to last to play. You could tell that people kinda just wanted them to finish their set so MIW could go on stage. But for me I was jamming out and when they played fearless I was jumping and screaming me little heart out. MIW took the stage and I swear I have never been pushed so hard against a barricade before. They entire crowd was singing lyrics and jumping in perfect synchronization. MIW are some of the most dedicated fans they love this band and everything they do. Over all it was a long day but well worth all the amazing performances.

The Color Morale is about to kick off their Hold On Pain Ends Tour & the 2nd stop is my hometown San Antonio, TX. I’m super excited to be seeing TCM but also to be seeing SLAVES, Vanna & Alive Like Me 😀
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